Swim Meet Parent Advice

Here are some general guidelines and advice to consider when attending a swim meet:

1. Swimmers should sit with their teammates not parents or family members during a meet.

2. Arrive al least 20 minutes prior to warm-up, this will give swimmers a chance to settle in, check in with their coach, sign in for events and not feel rushed etc. 

3. Let your swimmer find out their own heat or lane. A swimmer can learn a lot from missing their event.

4. Help pack a bag or cooler with healthy snacks and drinks for each session of the meet.

5. Volunteer for a timing position, it's the best seat in the house. 

6. Cheer for all the swimmers on the team not just yours.

7. Do not provide input or advice before or after a race, this will be done by the coaches and it is important that a swimmer is not confused or overwhelmed. 

8. If your swimmer is in a relay at the end of the meet, don't head home early just because you want to, that will hurt all of the relay team members.

9. Don't let your own anxiety or frustration transfer to your child. 

10. Trust the process, (which includes trusting the coach). 

11. Have fun and treasure the moment.