Practice Equipment

Below are the practice items required by EVERY swimmer for practices. Please note that the color or brand is not important, but be aware there are different sizes for both fins & paddles. Snorkels, kickboards and pull-buoys should be an adult size. It is recommended that each swimmer keeps their equipment in a mesh swim bag (see below). In addition every item should be labeled as to avoid equipment getting misplaced or switched around by accident. These items should last the entire season, with the exception of fins as swimmers continue to grow. 

This equipment aids swimmers in their stroke development and it is important that swimmers are fully prepared each practice to maximize practice sets and drill/stroke work. If an item breaks or is lost, the expectation is that the swimmer replaces the item as soon as they can. A quick reminder that swimmers need to stay hydrated and a 32 ounce water bottle should be sufficient for practice. 

Practice Equipment:

Snorkel (All Practice Groups)                                             Long Fins (All Practice Groups

Finis Glide Swimmer's Swim Snorkel - Mint Green - Swimoutlet.Com                                                        

Kickboard (All Practice Groups)                                         Pull-Buoy (T-Seniors & T-Sectionals Only)



Swim Paddles (T-Senior & T-Sectional Groups Only) 

  Image result for hand paddles swimming       Image result for hand paddles swimming              


Mesh Swim Equipment Bag (All Groups)                                        Water Bottle (32 ounce) 

                                                        Gatorade 32oz Gator-skin Bottle, Green, One Size


All of these items can be found on Amazon or Swim Outlet.