Our SR level is for ages 13 and over swimmers that have competed in multiple meets for club and/or high school.

Our current SR group includes Multiple Sectional qualifiers, top 3 finishers in the SR state meet, Zone swimmers, and most of the 13 and over current team record holders.

This level has 2 practice times most of the year:

SR 1 practices Monday - Thursday 530p - 7p and Friday 430p - 6p (not in the summer)

SR 2 practices Monday - Friday 245p - 430p (not in the summer or during high school season)

Both groups have occasional Saturday practices month 9a - 1030a (see team calendar)

Both groups have dryland training (TRX, standard dryland/ weight training and Yoga - see team calendar)

14 over SR has option 530 AM practice available M-F mornings

SR 1 Is for ages 11 - 16; 11-12 State Q times or better

SR 2 is for ages 13 and up; goal of SR State /Zone/ Sectional times or better for top swimmers

Both SR Groups swim with Head Coach - Scott Newell

The goal of this group is to become the best swimmers and people possible through hard work and team building.