Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

On top of group practices, Phoenix Swim Club offers private swim lessons coached by our world class coaching staff. It is a full body physical workout as well as mentally challenging. We are a little biased in saying that swimming is the best form of exercise, but learning how to swim correctly is even more important. Swimming with the proper technique will help you avoid injury and allow you to maximize your time spent in the pool working towards your goals. At Phoenix Swim Club our team is set up with practice groups where swimmers of similar age and ability practice together. Though there are many positive benefits of a group environment. If your child needs additional attention or learns at a different pace than their peers, private swim lessons may be an excellent option to consider.


Who can sign up for private swim lessons?

Phoenix Swim Club private swim lessons are for swimmers who already know how to swim and are looking to refine their stroke techniques or learn a specific technique or skill. Particpants must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted without stopping. 

If you feel you or your child could benefit from some 1 on 1 coahing, please reach out to one of the coaches listed below to discuss your child's needs, coach availability and pricing structure. 

Coach Bios

Luke Phillips - [email protected]

Hannah Kastigar - [email protected]

Paola Guerra - [email protected]

Marlies Ross - [email protected]


Top 10 benefits of private swim lessons:

1. Personalization

No two people are alike. The same goes for everyone’s swimming abilities and styles. If your or your child learn at a different pace, our coaches can modify or personalize the private swim lessons to fit their/your needs. This low-pressure environment means you/they will feel supported in learning at a pace to be successful. 

2. Personalized Feedback

In private lessons, the swimmer receives specific input on a more frequent basis than in group practices, which is very helpful in the swimmer making adjustments. They can also ask questions without distractions from other swimmers.

3. Qualified Coaches 

All of our coaches are USA Swim Coach certified and have a lot of experience with coaching and teaching private swim lessons. They are trained in CPR, AED and First Aid, and many other water-related skills to ensure safety.

4. Convenience

Unlike group practices, private lessons allow you to schedule them around your life. The coaches will work with you to come up with a perfect schedule for your child so they won’t miss a lesson. And if they do? We can always reschedule

5. Special Accommodations

Safety, teaching and correcting you or your child’s swimming is what we’re most concerned about. For someone with special abilities, private lessons would be a great start to ensure you or your child is getting the attention they need without distraction from other students. Many people have specific sensory needs. Our coaches, in a focused one-on-one environment are trained to handle many different scenarios.

6. Goals

Do you have goals? Does your child need to achieve a certain time to move up? Do you want to achieve a fitness goal? Our coaches are ready and willing to help you succeed in your swimming goals. Goal setting is one of the many areas a private swim lesson can help.

7. More Time

While in private lessons, coaches can give their full attention to the student for the entire lesson. This means the student will be more likely to learn quicker.

8. Younger and Older Students

If your child is still very young, they may experience some separation anxiety from their parents if they are in a group setting. With a single coach in a private swim lesson, they’ll be able to ease your child’s fears while showing them how to be comfortable in the water.

Older swimmers ranging from pre-teen to masters swimmers would benefit from private lessons as well. Many in this age group are unconfident about swimming, and may thrive in a one on one setting. 

9. Getting over Water Trauma

Many people of all ages have a fear of water. This could be due to a bad experience they had when they were very young, or something they have seen on television or media. However, being free in the water is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Our coaches are patient and kind, and genuinely want to help the student get over their fears so they can start enjoying the water again.

10. Semi-Private Lessons

Are one-on-one lessons too much pressure? Our coaches offer semi-private classes, where a sibling or friend can accompany them. Both can benefit from custom lessons as a result. Having a friend or someone of similar age and abilities is a great way to introduce them to swimming without feeling like all eyes are focused on them solely.