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Training Group Structure & Qualifying Criteria



Blue Group

Admittance: Selected by PSC Head Age Group Coach/Blue Coach and PSC Red Group Coach. Swimmers in this group have not yet entered their freshman year of high school.

The Blue Group is our top Age Group focused on performance. Technique, race preparation, and a better understanding and love for the sport are the primary objectives. Athletes in this group are committed to competing at the highest level championship meets including State, Far Westerns and Sectionals. 

Recommended Attendance: 4-6 practices a week

Eligibility: Swimmers must be able to train at the level of current Blue Group Swimmers. All swimmers must have achieved an 11-12 Far Western Championship Qualifying Time. 

Black Group

Admittance: The swimmer will be selected by PSC White II Coach.

This group is comprised of 11 to 14 year old athletes. The group serves to prepare swimmers for JO's, Age Group State, Far Westerns, Sectionals. There is an emphasis placed on understanding goal setting and linking training performance to those goals. Though stroke efficiency should be achieved from earlier training groups, there is still a great deal of individualized stroke instruction given to each athlete. 

The group has 7 workouts per week offered, but attendance for each swimmer is set individually based on the swimmers readiness.

Red Group

Admittance: The swimmer will be selected by the PSC Red Group Coach and PSC White I Coach.

Group Dynamic: The Red Group is primarily athletes ages 11-14 dedicated to improving physical literacy and swimming specific skill development to succeed in racing events. These athletes are focused on learning the process to achieve desired outcomes and how to train properly to those achieve performance goals. All training sessions are centered on preparing and allowing the athletes to take ownership of there swimming experience while striving to be the best they can be and compete at the highest level possible. Athletes in this group are training towards championships meets including Junior Olympics, Age Group State Championships and Far Western and above. 

Recommended AttendanceRed Group swimmers are offered 6 workouts per week and asked to swim at several meets annually, including a commitment to competing in a season ending championship meet. 75% practice attendance is highly encouraged to ensure proper athletic development and retention of skills. 

Required Training Equipment: 
Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel
Speedo Switchblade Fins
Speedo Power Paddle Plus
Speedo Ventilator Mesh Bag
2 pairs of goggles
1 Phoenix Swim Club swim cap

White I Group

Admittance: The swimmer will be selected by PSC White I/Rising Stars Coach.

Group Dynamic: The ages of the swimmers in this group may be as young as 8 and as old as 12 years of age. Swimmers in this group are attending swim meets on a regular bases with their focus on the AZ Swimming Junior Olympics (JO's) & State Championship, as well as Age Group Zone Championships and the Far Western Championships.  It is recommended that the swimmers attend at least 4 practices of the 6 practices offered per week.  

Group Focus: Building of increased endurance with ongoing stroke work; continuation of learning how to race; accountability; sportsmanship and increased amounts of dryland training.

*The White I Group Coach reserves the right to make exceptions for the good of the individual and group development.

White II Group

Admittance: The swimmer will be selected by PSC White II Coach and PSC Rising Stars/White I Coach.

Group Dynamic: This group is comprised of the stronger 8 to 10 year olds and mid-level 11 to 13 years old swimmers. The goal of the group is to continue to build on the stroke fundamentals taught in earlier groups while introducing the training elements of swimming to the athletes.  While this group further refines the techniques used to create efficient swimming, it recognizes the need to increase the swimmers fitness level to maintain that efficiency over a longer period.  Swimmers in this group have goals ranging from Junior Olympic (JO's) qualifying times through State Championships and Far Westerns. Though no attendance requirements are given for this group, swimmers should try to make at least 3 practices per week to achieve their goals. 

Rising Stars

Admittance:  The swimmer will be selected by the PSC Head Developmental Coach/Starfish Coach.

Group Dynamic:  The ages of the swimmers in this group may be as young as 7 and as old as 11.  The swimmers in this group can swim a legal 50 of all four (4) competitive strokes.  The swimmers in this group are attending swim meets on a regular bases and begin their focus on the AZ Swimming Championship Meet series.  Most of these swimmers are at or below the 10 & Under “B National Motivational Time Standard” (AZ Junior Olympic Time Standard).  It is recommended that the swimmer attends at least 3 of the 5 practices offered a week.  Due to the ongoing learning stroke progressions, the swimmer should maintain weekly attendance throughout the duration of the season for maximum development and improvement.

Group Focus: Daily/on-going stroke work; introduction to primary racing skills and situations; being a teammate; accountability, team pride and introduction to dryland.

*The PSC Rising Star/Age Group Coach will evaluate the individual during a tryout PRIOR to making a recommendation &/or placement to the PSC Competitive Team and the Rising Star Group.

Starfish Group

Admittance: The swimmer will be asked to attend a tryout session prior to being placed on the team where he/she will be evaluated by the PSC Head Developmental Coach.

Group Dynamic: The ages of the swimmers in this group may be as young as 6 and as old as 10. Swimmers must be 6 years of age by the start of short course season in August.  The swimmer must demonstrate the ability to swim 50 yards of Freestyle and 50 yards Backstroke legally with a working knowledge and ability to swim 2x's a 25 of Breaststroke and Butterfly and a dive. The swimmer must demonstrate the ability to keep up with the current Star Fish Group. The swimmer must have the emotional maturity to be independent of parent(s) &/or caretaker throughout the time allotted for the practice. We recommend 2-3 practices per week due to the on-going learning stroke progressions, the swimmer should maintain weekly attendance throughout the duration of the season for maximum development and improvement. 

Group Focus: Learning and development of the four (4) competitive strokes; handling self in a group (team) setting; swim practice training and training situations with the focus of building team pride.

Pre-Starfish Group

Group Dynamic: The aim of this group is to develop the basic stroke fundamentals and to build a solid stroke technique foundation.  Focusing on kicking and using innovative drill progressions, the swimmers acquire the skills necessary for efficient swimming and are ready to take the steps toward competitive swimming in all four strokes.