Swim Meet Info

Swim Meets:
All swimmers are encouraged to compete on a regular basis. Snowsharks plan to attend a meet each month. The meets are usually within Arizona and USA swimming sanctioned.  More experienced swimmers that swim qualifying times will travel outside of Arizona to swim at bigger meets with swimmers of neighboring states. 

Meets sessions are no longer than four hours. Many meets offer 2-7 sessions of swimming.  Determine what session(s) and day(s) your family can attend and put that information in the notes when you commit your swimmer to a meet.  Swimmers must know and perform the correct strokes, turns and finishes to be able to attend a meet.

Time improvement is stressed over ribbon winning. Swimmers will learn learn to compete against “themselves.” A time improvement means more to a coach than a first place ribbon. This is the real advantage of being a swimmer; personal time improvement is possible for everyone. When swimmers achieve a championship level qualifying times, everyone celebrates; we expect team members to represent FSSST at the Regional, State and Zone level meets.

Meets can be a challenging, learning experience for swimmers and parents. Being a positive listener is the best role a parent can take. It is not guaranteed the swimmer will always improve on their best time. Hopefully, when this occurs it motivates our swimmers to take appropriate steps in reaching that time at the next opportunity. How a swimmer learns to handle disappointments is more important than how he/she handles success. This affects both their swimming career and their growth as a person.

Swim meets are run by volunteers.  The officials, timers, announcers, and people delivering snacks are all volunteers.  Meets can't be run without them.  Anytime you are able to help out, please consider being a timer.  It's the best seat in the house and you'll get free food and drinks thru the meet sessions.  You'll be trained on how to do it before the meet starts.  Some parents volunteer to become swim officials.  No background in swimming is required for this, but it does require some training.  Information is available here:

If you would like more information about our team please contact us by phone, email, or mail.