The Blue level is the transition level into our competitive team. They focus on fine tuning all four competitive strokes, turns and dives. Blues learn and practice skills they will need to be successful during competitive team practices and USA Swim meets. Swimmers in the Blue groups are USA Athlete Members.

The coaches are both in the water and on deck observing and making necessary changes. All Blues swimmers must be able to listen and participate in a practice session for 45 minutes. To join Blues a swimmer must be able to swim a 100 freestyle and backstroke with flip turns and a 25 of butterfly and breaststroke legally. Blue swimmers must demonstrate focus, maturity and listening skills during practices.


There are two options for Blues:

1) Monday's & Wednesday's - $70/month

    Class times: 5:15 and 6:00pm

2) Tuesday's & Thursday's - $70/month

    Class times: 5:15 and 6:00pm

 During June and July only: Monday and Wednesday 7:30am 

All Blues also have practice Saturdays from 9:30-10:30 am

Age range: 5-18 years old

Contact Martha at [email protected]


Blue to Bronze Advancement

Skills Required

= Excellent

 !  = Satisfactory

  = Still working on


To advance levels, swimmers must complete all requirements with a and have approval from the Minnow School Coordinator and Head coach.


_____    100 IM


_____     50 legal breastroke


_____    50 legal butterfly 


_____    Legal IM and open turns


_____    Demonstrate a drill for each of the four strokes and explain what the significance of the drill is


_____    6x25’s freestyle on the 40 seconds, demonstrating a breathing pattern


_____    8x50’s kick on the 1:40


_____    Demonstrate a racing start from the block with a tight streamline to the surface


_____    Demonstrate proper finishes for all strokes