Blue Team


The Blue level is the first level on our competitive team. They focus on fine-tuning all four competitive strokes, turns, and dives. Blues learn and practice skills they will need to be successful during competitive team practices and at USA Swim meets.

Blue Team - $ 85 monthly

Blue Team workouts are offered approximately 4/week

Team Requirements:

1.  USA Swimming Membership.  Flex Membership $22 yearly for two meets per season. Premium costs $85 yearly.

2.  Compete in at least 1 meet in a 6 month period

3.  Annual Snow Sharks registration fee:$100 per family

Blue Team Requirements


100 freestyle with bilateral side breathing 

and flip turns

100 backstroke with flip turns

25 legal breaststroke

25 legal butterfly 

Streamline kick off the wall halfway

Backstroke count from the flags

Demonstrate an open turn on the wall

Demonstrate a dive from the block with a tight streamline

Demonstrate the ability to listen and follow 

directions from the coach on a regular basis