Qualifying Times

Time Standards - Listed in order of difficulty, not chronological.

Southeast Champs qualifying times   Bonus swims (see below)

1 cut = 1 bonus swim (2 total swims)

2 cuts = 2 bonus swims (4 total)

3 cuts = 3 bonus swims (6 total)

4 or more cuts = 7 events (max)

AK Age Group Champs - Alaska Age Group Champs are Single Age 'B' times (updated 11/28/16).  Make sure you are looking at 'Short Course Yards.

AK Junior OlympicsJO's are age group 'BB' times.  Make sure you are looking at 'Short Course Yards.'  17/18 time standards are actually the 15/16 BB standards.

Region XII Senior Champs - Oregon Swimming 13/14 'A' times

2018 NWAG Sectionals 

2018 Western Age Group Zones (14/younger) 

2018 Speedo Senior Short and Long Course Sectionals