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Class of 2012      
Auri Clark   University of Puget Sound in Tacoma WA  
Nathan Messing      
Tatsu Monkman      
Tanner Olliff      
Calder Otsea      
Cody Schick      
Claressa Ulmayer      
Class of 2011      
Josh Anderson      
Evan Norman   Boise State University  
Tyler Mickelson      
Elsa Robinson   Northern Arizona University  
Anna Bullock      
Cassie Anderson      
Katy Goodell   UAS  
Anna GonwaRamonda   UAS  
Class of 2010      
Alex Barto     United States Naval Academy  
Tessa Beedle       
Zoey Bigelow       
Cody Brunette   Email  University of Virginia Roster  9/4/2010
Lauren Bush       
Seth Cayce     Minnesota State University  
Lindsay Clark Email Willamette University  
Kate Lushkin       
Nick Rutecki  Email University of Wyoming  See Bio  2/27/12
Class of 2009      
Mircea Brown       
Katie Busch        10/26/09
Linzie Norman       
Alex Reishus-O’Brien       
Class of 2008      
Melissa Bogert  Email Washington State University  See Bio  
Sara Bogert Email Purdue University  See Bio  
Kathryn Bullock   Pacific University  
Josh Clark      
Sarah Felix   University of Incarnate Word See Roster  
Lia Heifetz      
Kristin Jones Email Northern Arizona University See Bio 11/04/10
Amber Kelly   University of Arkansas LIttle Rock  See Bio  
Jenna Rutecki Email University of Arkansas Little Rock  See Bio   10/29/2010
Koko Urata Email Stanford University See Bio  
Class of 2007      
Julia Dicostanzo   South Dakota State University  See Bio  
Amanda Jones   South Dakota State University  See Bio  
Kyle O’Brien Email Northwestern University See Bio  
Class of 2006      
Matt (Zippy) Josephson Email South Dakota State University See Bio  
Jon Wendel   South Dakota State University  See Bio  
Class of 2005      
Kelsey Potdevin   Colby College See Roster 05/11/2009








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