Mesa Aquatics Club is pleased to offer a pre-competitive program for swimmers interested in gaining the skills necessary to join swim team!

  • Sessions focus on the specific skills and stroke development needed to prepare swimmers for competitive swimming
  • 3-4:1 swimmer/coach ratio
  • All coaches are USA Swimming certified
  • Classes are 30 minutes each and are held twice a week

Our pre-competitive programming is available at both Kino and Skyline, with classes starting at the beginning of the month.

For information about classes available or to set up an evaluation for your swimmer at Kino please contact Coach Nichol at nichol.dowell@gmail.com. For Skyline, contact Coach Dani at dani.strader96@gmail.com. Be sure to indicate your interest in our pre-competitive programming!

Mesa Aquatics Club Pre- Competitive Policies


Class Sizes- Pre- Competitive classes will have no less than 2, but no more than 4 swimmers in a class.  This allows each child to get enough personal attention for a session to make significant progress.


Closed Deck - MAC has a closed deck  policy. For the purposes of the safety of the swimmer, coach, and parent, the time of the lessons. Practices should be free and clear of distractions, for optimal benefit.  This policy also allows coaches to give all the attention to the athletes and allows the athletes to stay focused on the task at hand. Parents, small children, and swimmers not in session are able to sit in the shaded bleachers or snack bar area, designated for spectators.  


Payment- All fees are due prior to starting the first lesson of the month.  Money handling is difficult on deck and takes time away from the lesson; please arrive a few minutes early to the first lesson, if payment needs to be made. If you have older swimmers and already have a MAC account, you are welcome to pay through that.


Make Up Lessons-  The session dates will be available a week before each session begins.  Please look carefully at your calendar to see if you can dedicate yourself to those dates. Due to pool time and limited class sizes, there are no make up lessons.


Full Sessions only-   There are 8 x 30 minute lessons in each monthly session.  The cost of those 8 lessons is $75. Even if you are only able to make it to 6 lessons, the cost is still $75.  That allows us to keep our classes full and teach as many swimmers as possible.

Advancing-  The level of a swimmer is determined by an evaluation of a coach.  After being assigned to that level, it is important to meet the milestones of that level  before moving up to other groups. This allows coaches to keep swimmers of similar abilities in  cohesive groups; making the most of our time in the water.