Family Service Policy


Family Service Policy

September 1st through August 31st


The success of Pitchfork Aquatics is dependent on the participation of all parents. for meets we host as well as social events, all of which necessitate many hours of work.  We have a Family Service Policy requiring parents to take an active role in their child’s swimming which means each family will be responsible for the operation of our swim club. WE NEED YOU TO PARTICIPATE! 

          The family service is based on hours and fundraising.  Sign up for jobs and tracking of hours is done through our website.

            Pitchfork Aquatics has three levels of required participation based on the practice group of your swimmer. If you have more than one swimmer on the team then the Family Service requirement is based on the swimmer who is in the group with the higher hour requirement:

·         Gold/ Copper and Black Groups                            25 hours per family

·         Maroon Group                                                          15 hours per family

·         White Group                                                               5 hours per family

*Single parent families are required to only support half of the total number of hours.


The Fundraising requirement is $300 per family per year


        The Family Service Policy year runs from September 1st to August 31st, and the billing rate is $20 per hour for any time “owed” to the team as of August 31st.  Unearned parent participation hours may be billed September 1st each year.  However, if you fulfill the hour requirement then no additional dollars are “owed” to the team. Also, excess hours are not carried over to the following year. Hours are earned via jobs for helping with club operations, club support, and swim meet operations.  For swim meet operations, hours credited are for home meets only unless we create timing jobs for away meets. Parents are expected to help with timing, officiating, and general swim meet operations at home meets.


    Furthermore, parents may need to help at home meets in which their child is not competing in order to fulfill their obligation. We are a team and we all need to work together to provide opportunities for all the swimmers. Job opportunities to earn hours are advertised on Pitchfork Aquatics website or through emails and sign-ups are only through the website.


How do I sign up to help?

When opportunities become available for Pitchfork Aquatics hosted events, they will be posted on that event's landing page on our website.  You can find them by logging into your account, clicking on "Events" and then finding the specific event.  Jobs will be listed by clicking on "Job Signup".  You can then sign up online for whatever you'd like to do.  Most positions will require you to sign in at volunteer check-in at the event.  After the event your hours will be recorded based on that sign-in sheet.  

Please see the information below on available volunteer positions.


Meet Volunteer Positions


No previous experience necessary, just have a comfort talking on a microphone, must be junior high or older for most meets; the announcer works with the Meet Referee and Meet Director and is responsible for announcing each race, the swimmers in the water, and results. 1 required for each session.

Head Timer

No previous experience necessary, must be junior high or older for most meets; the head timer starts two stop watches at the start of each race to serve as backup watches to lane timers. They are responsible for ensuring there are the required number of timers on each lane; distributes and picks up watches and clipboard from each lane. They also communicate with officials regarding any replacement timer needs or problems. 1 required for each session


No previous experience necessary, must be an adult. Organizes and plans for drinks and food to be served to coaches, officials, and meet volunteers. Hospitality servers help coordinate the food set up, preparation, and serving in the hospitality room/ area. Hospitality runners assist the hospitality staff with bringing stacks, beverages, and food to coaches and officials, as well as helping to refill dispensers on deck. 2-4 required for each session.

Meet Marshal

Must take an online test and submit photo to Arizona Swimming for ID, along with $15 fee. Click here for link:​, must be an adult; Meet Marshals are required by USA Swimming to run a meet. They assist the officiating staff by observing the deck and surrounding areas to ensure that all safety rules are being enforced. The online training and tests are quick. Minimum of 2-4 (sometimes more) required per session.

When you complete the online training & pay the registration fee ($15) send your confirmation to to be credited 2 service hours.

Officials/ Official Trainees

No previous experience necessary to shadow/ train!  Must complete a series of shadowing sessions, a class, and test.  Must be an adult.  Each swim meet needs 5-10 officials per course. We are always in need of more people to become officials.

When you complete trainings & online tests send your confirmations and hours to to be credited service hours.

Results Runner/ Poster

No previous experience necessary, must be junior high or older for most meet. The results runner collects the timing sheets from the lanes after the races and delivers them to the administrative referee. They may also post results throughout the facility or deliver them to the clerk of course; 1-2 required for each session.


No previous experience necessary, must be junior high or older for most meets. Timers operate either a button or a stopwatch during each race and record the stopwatch time on a timing sheet. Training is given prior to the start of the first race of the day, and timers enjoy the best seats in the house!  Minimum of 16 per course required each session.

Clerk of Course

Assisting with the administration of the meet, including but not limited to: athlete and coach check-ins, distributing coach information, and other paperwork.  Training can be given during a meet.  Must be an adult.

Program Sales

Responsible for sale of meet programs at the meet, beginning during warm-up and continuing through out some of the session.


Meet Set up and take down

Responsible for setting out and taking down tables, chairs, timing equipment, portable shade structures etc..

Awards Labels and Sorting

Responsible for applying name labels to event ribbons and sorting by different teams participating in the event.

To sign up as a volunteer for an upcoming meet log into your account, click "Events" at the top of the page, and find the meet.  Click "Job Signup" to see the jobs needed and simply choose the job/shift you'd like to sign up for, and then click the button with the green plus sign that says "Signup".


Thank you for your hard work and dedication and for trusting us to coach your young athletes.  We are all a team and our common goal is to help your children achieve their dreams and goals as athletes!