Philosophy of Michael Phelps Swimming

The philosophy of Michael Phelps Swimming at Pitchfork Aquatics

Pitchfork Aquatics is a licensed provider of the Michael Phelps Swimming curriculum.  Our curriculum for swim instruction is based on creating a feel for the water through buoyancy, balance, breathing, and body position, and developing the motor skills of kicking, stroking, and rhythmic breathing.  In addition, and more importantly, the program enables swimmers to mentally understand the properties of water; the how's and why's, and to develop the whole person mentally and physically.  

In addition to learning personal safety, stroke technique, and rescue skills, participants learn how to float, the importance of specific body position, to breathe rhythmically, and how to achieve balance in the water.  But it's not all work!  We've taken our time in selecting the most competent instructors, who are trained to introduce these concepts in fun and imaginative ways!

This combination of teaching physical and mental concepts has made the program a success for nearly 30 years and ensures each participant has the opportunity to become safe, comfortable, and confident in, and around, the water.

General Information

As an Authorized Provider of Michael Phelps Swimming we provide a learning environment where swimmers will become comfortable and confident in the water.  We stress the 4 – B’s and early childhood emotional, social and physical growth and development.

Parents may observe the lessons from the deck at the table and chairs away from the pool.  We ask that you attempt to be minimally visible because your presence distracts the children.  They become more interested in watching you than listening to the instructor.

Please keep in mind that proper attire aids in your child’s enjoyment of the class.  It is very helpful if girls with long hair tie their hair back or wear a cap.  Goggles are optional.

Management encourages parent with opposite sex children to utilize the family dressing rooms/bathroom. 

Learning depends on your child.  All children grow and learn at different rates.  We give time for your child to practice and improve on their new skills.  Practice is important.

Each lesson we teach a little about safety because safety skills are of utmost importance around the water.  We want each child to be safe during lessons and to understand what it means to be safe when they are around any type of water.

We are interested in giving each child a maximum comfort level in the pool.  Children often stay at the same level in successive sessions because within each class we have a very range of skills to cover.  This allows the child to excel at one skill and to be able to work on another skill they may not have mastered.  We are concerned with their comfort level with each new skill.

If your child is unhappy and does want to come to class, please let us know.  We want to work with you and your child.  Most of the time we can make a child feel comfortable about the lessons if we show respect for their feelings, have patience, and understanding.  We are not afraid of tears and fears.  It is often part of learning something new.

You can help your child by showing your confidence in us and the program.  Try to take some time to enjoy the water with your child.

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