Class Level/Description


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Get Wet:  6 months - 3 yrs

  • A parent and child class for children three years of age and younger (exceptions made for older children).  Ratio 8:1
  • Parents are encouraged to challenge each child's skills and level of comfort in the water.
  • Swimmers will experience and understand the buoyancy and balance and breath control that will help them throughout the rest of the Learn To Swim Program.

Pre-Beginner 1 (PB1):  3-5 yrs/ PB2: 6+ yrs

  • Our first class without parent involvement.  Children will learn to become comfortable in and under the water.  Ratio 4:1
  • The emphasis in Pre-Beginner is on basic water skills such as assisted and unassisted floating, blowing bubbles and retrieving items from the bottom of a shallow (3 foot) area.
  • Listening to instructions and working within a group are stressed along with important water safety lessons. 

Beginner (B1):  3-5 yrs/ B2:  6+ yrs

  • For children who are comfortable in the water, able to completely submerge, and can float on their front and back.  Ratio 4:1
  • It is anticipated that children will remain in this level for multiple sessions, as the skills to be mastered are quite broad and varied.

Advanced Beginner (AB1):  4-6 yrs/ AB2:  7+ yrs

  • Freestyle (front crawl) skills are honed and other competitive strokes will be introduced and taught.  Ratio 5:1
  • This class is primarily taught in deep water, but may vary depending on the facility in which the class is taught.

Intermediate:  6 yrs and up

Intermediate swimmers can swim for a distance unaided.  Additionally, these swimmers demonstrate comfortable rotary breathing with freestyle, a competent backstroke, and a feel for the water.  Ratio 5:1.

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