Pitchfork Athletics Splash N Dash

Pitchfork Athletics has joined with USA Triathlon


Major League Triathlon

(the first and only professional triathlon league in the U.S.)

to bring this event to Tempe, Arizona!


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When:  September 22, 2018 (in the morning time TBD)

Where:  Tempe Beach Park, 80 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85283

Who Can Participate?

If you are in between the ages of 7-15 and have a USA Triathlon annual youth membership, you are eligible to take part in the fun and exciting multisport series!  Be prepared for a great experience, bring a positive attitude, and be ready to learn firsthand about multisport! 

Cost:  $30 per person (includes a USAT annual youth membership)

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What is a Splash and Dash?

Splash and Dash is a fun and fast-growing sport that combines swimming and running.  The swim will take place in the Kiwanis Park Rec Center indoor pool, and the run will start just outside the pool building and on to the park trail down to the lake and back.  At no time will participants cross any roads or leave the park boundaries.


What is the Concept?

The USA Triathlon Splash & Dash Youth Aquathlon Series will be returning for its third year and is open to athletes ages 7-15. There will be fifty (50) events throughout the US with events in each of the ten (10) USA Triathlon regions. The focus is on PARTICIPATION rather than competition, however, each contestant will be timed.  The series will expose youth participants to USA Triathlon and the exciting world of multisport!  This event is sanctioned by USA Triathlon.


Why Participate?

Exposes and educates youth to the multisport lifestyle, all while being involved in a fun, exciting, and safe atmosphere! It will really help you to “get your feet wet!”

Creates an opportunity to meet friends and other youth athletes who are interested and also engage in the multisport lifestyle!

Less equipment required compared to that of a triathlon since a Splash and Dash (aquathlon) does not require a bike.

USA Swimming Foundation

USA Triathlon and the USA Swimming Foundation have partnered in launching a joint campaign to provide all USA Triathlon Splash & Dash Youth Aquathlon participants, and their families, with an incentive and opportunity to participate in quality, affordable and easily accessible learn-to-swim programs

We are also an approved provider of 

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