Sign-up for Igive and help out the team. Most online stores will donate a percentage of your purchase to the team if you go through Igive. A VERY EASY way to help out is to install the igive button to your browser. If you add the button to your browser, any time you buy something from a website belonging to igive, the donation is AUTOMATICALLY applied to the team.  If everyone that purchases hotels online for swim meets used this, it would help the team significantly, so please consider helping out.

For instructions on how to install the Igive button please click here.

We have teamed up with the organization to raise funds for the team.  These funds will be used to purchase team equipment, caps, etc.  The program is very simple.  First, register with iGive and follow the instructions to link to our team.  Click here to join. You can register either with your name or anonymously if you don't want people to see what you buy online.

Funds can be raised in two ways: Searching and Shopping.

Searching:  Use the iGive search engine every time you need to look for something on the web. Once you join igive, instead of going to Google or Yahoo to search go to instead.  and each search will generate one cent toward the team.  It is also possible to add igive as a tool bar to your browser which provides a search box and easy links to shopping. While one cent is not very much, 50-60 of us using the search engine daily will quickly add up.

Shopping: Almost any online store you can think of is available through Igive. The site lists stores such as Target, eBay, Amazon, Expedia, and more.  Each store will then donate a percentage back to the team.  We hope you will consider this service when making your next on line purchase.  Also, don't forget to tell your friends and relatives about the service so that we can benefit from their membership as well. Again all you have to do is go to and go to the website  you want to shop at through there. It can get even easier though. If you install the igive button into your browser any time you go to a website it will remind you that if you purchase anything at the website a percentage will be donated. Stan has been our most avid supporter so far, purchasing all his flights for meets via igive and Expedia as well as hotels for meets through and so far we have raised over $150.00. If everyone would consider using igive to make hotel reservations for meets (if not more often) we could be making A LOT more!

Please use the link below when making purchases on Amazon. The link will let you shop using the Pusch Ridge Affiliate program and we will receive a percentage back from your purchase!

We hope you will consider using these links when you decide to purchase anything from these companies. Money earned from Swim Outlet ads has gone to purchasing team caps and t-shirts. Your continued support is appreciated. Don't forget to tell your friends and relatives to use these links as well.