Group Fees

Fall 2021 Fees:



Annual USA Team Registration

  • $35 for each swimmer

Annual USA Registration

  • $30 for Emerald Group swimmers or any Ruby & Sapphire swimmers new to year round. Swimmers that continue beyond the fall season will be charged the additional $50 to upgrade their USA swimming membership
  • $80 for returning Year Round swimmers or any swimmer in Turquoise group or higher. Swimmers currently USA registered must pay this fee by January 1st.

Multiple Swimmer Discount
For families with multiple swimmers we offer a multi-family discount for season fees. A 20% discount off of the season fee will be given to the 2nd swimmer in a family and 50% of the season fees for any additional swimmers.


Meet Fees

Participating in USA Swim Meets is an additional fee for each meet - Amount varies based on # of events the swimmer is entered in. Meet Fees must be paid and are non-refundable after the meet sign-up deadline. Oro Valley Swim Team still has to pay the meet fees to the host team, even if your swimmer does not swim in the meet.