Rio Salado Swim Club has partnered with a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization called East Valley Swim Inc. This partnership seeks to help families offset the cost of competitive swimming and give our kids the opportunity to volunteer and give back within our community as well. Club members can secure tax deductible donations from outside sources or participate in fundraisers. 

Our fundraising efforts will be as big or small as our parents want them to be. Any parent (or group of parents) that want to run a fundraiser (approved by David Tait) will receive 10% of the total net proceeds raised by the team back to their own personal fundraising accounts. 10% of the total net proceeds raised will be donated to the EVS scholarship fund. 80% of the net proceeds from your own sales will go back to your own fundraising account. 

This formula does not pertain to Lost Dutchman advertising which is a 50/50 split between you and the club. It also does not pertain to the Fry’s Grocery Script Program or the United Way Contribution program which 100%  of money raised is donated to your fundraising account.  


RIO members can benefit from all forms of advertising sold on behalf of the team. There are various advertising and sponsorship packages available. Below are links to the various forms available for you to promote.

50% of the net advertising proceeds you are responsible for will be applied as a credit to your club account. Take advantage of this great opportunity to raise funds for both you and the club!


United Way kicks off their campaign during the month of October.  Numerous businesses have made arrangements with United Way to allow their employees to designate a specific 501 c 3 organization to be the recipient of their donation.  East Valley Swim Inc. is a 501(C)(3) organization and is eligible to receive United Way donations.  Although EVS is not yet been given an organization recipient number from United Way, if you would like to have your United Way donation given to East Valley Swim Inc., please  write the organization name, address (868 N. Gilbert Rd. Suite 100, Gilbert, AZ ), phone number (480-897-7946) in the designated agency spot on your United Way donation form at your place of employment.  United Way will contact EVS to verify their non-profit status and then forward the funds to EVS within several months of the close of the campaign.  Your United Way donation, when received by EVS, will be donated to the club on your behalf. 50% of these funds directly benefit the RIO equipment fund and 15% will be ear marked in your personal fundraising account to help off set your own tuition costs.