Swim Meet Procedures

Swim Meet Procedures

1.   Warm-Up

  • Warm-ups are always conducted by a member of the Coaching staff; parents should not be involved with the warm-up procedure.

  • Swimmers will be expected to report to the team area 75 minutes prior to the start of the competition.

  • Team members are required to warm-up with the team unless excused by the Coach

  • It is important that swimmers and parents understand that a good warm-up is an essential part of a successful performance. Each athlete in the program deserves every opportunity available to be successful. Warm-up is one of those opportunities!

2.   It will be customary for us to have a “team area” at meets and to sit together as a group. This helps promote team unity and spirit. When a swimmer first arrives at a meet, he should find the team area.

3.   A team meeting will be convened 15 minutes prior the start of each competition session. All team members will be required to attend.

4.   Swimmers should obtain a heat sheet and check to see if they are properly entered in their events. If there is a mistake, it should be discussed with the Coach so they can take corrective action.

5.   At the conclusion of each race, the swimmers are asked to come immediately to the Coaching staff present at the meet. This gives the Coaches an opportunity to discuss the race with the swimmer and add positive comments concerning splits, stroke techniques, race strategy, etc. Parents who are so inclined should discuss the technical aspects of a race with the Coach and not the swimmer. If a warm-down area is available, swimmers are to warm-down first, then report directly to the Coaches.

6.   Input from parents or swimmers is welcome, but the Coaches will determine which events a swimmer will compete in. Team members are never to scratch or late-enter an event without first consulting one of the Coaches. In a meet with preliminaries and finals, it is expected that any one qualifying to swim in the finals shall do so unless excused by the Coach.

7.   As a matter of courtesy to the officials and meet host, parents should generally stay off of the deck unless serving in an official capacity.

8.   Similarly, as a matter of courtesy, all questions swimmers or parents may have concerning meet results, an officiating call, or the conduct of a meet, should be referred to the Coaching staff. They, in turn, will pursue the matter through the proper channels.

9.   On away trips, all swimmers will be required to attend all sessions of the meet unless excused by the Head Coach.

10. Swimmers will be expected to rest and conserve energy between events and sessions and to remain in the team area while at the pool.

11. If there is an extended period of time between the pre-meet team warm-up and the swimmer’s first event, the swimmer should briefly warm-up a second time, approximately 30 minutes prior to the event, if a warm-up pool is available. 

12. Unless excused by the Coach, all swimmers competing in a finals session will be expected to stay with the team until the end of the session to support their teammates.

13.  Whenever there is a formal awards presentation at a meet, it is expected that swimmers be prompt, wear the team uniform and cooperate fully at the presentation.