Rock Shrimps

Rock Shrimp practice

This group is for beginning swimmers who can swim one lap of the pool non-stop with a fair amount of ease.  The  swimmer also needs to be able to float in the front position and turn over onto the back position in a continuous floating position for up to 20 seconds. Floating skills are required for swimmer safety. Distance skill is required for swimmer safety and strength to have a successful and fun swim team experience.

The Rock Shrimp are the first step to developing the competitive swimming skills needed to move up to the Silver group. Swimmers will work on building endurance, learning all four competitive strokes, start and turns while having fun in the process.  We emphasize fun at this level.  Practices are three days per week for an hour.  

Usually this group is for swimmers who are just beginning to think competitive swimming is for them.  More than likely swimmers in this group will strive to compete in some summer meets when they feel ready to do so.  Come and join the fun and see whether swimming as a sport is for you!

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Starting November 11th our Rock Shrimp turn into our Jr. Polar Bear Club for the winter season.

Jr. Polar Bears is for the younger swimmer that just wants to continue swimming during the winter 1 or 2 days a week.  The practices will be 45 minutes and emphasize fun and technique.  Their are fewer swimmers in the water which helps give a more personalized practice.  The water is kept at a warm 81 degrees.  This is the perfect season to keep up your swimming while trying other sports activities.  Are you wild enough to be a Junior Polar Bear?  For more info contact Coach Dan or click on "Join our club".