Seniors/Regional/State (Gold) qualified Group Must be USA Swim Registered

Swimmers in the group are highly proficient in all four competitive strokes.

Swimmers can move into this group when they qualify or are near state  or regional times, are at least 10 years old with strong swimming ability in all four strokes, are in High School or with the coaches approval.

"Seniors" category are swimmers ages 14 and over. 

Qualified is referred to a Q'd because they have achieved a time that allows the swimmer to compete at a TIME STANDARD meet.  See parent education for more information.

This group is a training group that is expected to set and achieve goals that include regional or state qualifying times,  attend all team designated practices and attend all coach designated meets. Vacations are expected to be set around the training season and must meet coach approval.

Swimmers must be able to swim 100 yard sets with self motivation and are encouraged to swim during the Short Course season (Winter and Spring)  which are geared toward advancement in their physiological training cycle.

10 to 14 year old swimmers, or those younger with Q times, should want to train in this group and be motivated  by their skills, their ability to pay attention and take instruction.  Swimmer and parents must be committed to year round swimming at this level.

Improving personal times are stressed with goal setting and improving times being paramount.  Again the emphasis is on personal improvement, not necessarily beating other swimmers

High School age and Senior swimmers should return to club practice within one-two weeks of the last High School meet they are eligible to compete in.



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