Code of Conduct

All swimmers and parents must sign this Swimmer's Code of Conduct prior to the start of a season.  Your swimmer will not be registered and allowed to swim until all forms are completed/submitted or electronically signed through the online registration process.

Code of Conduct

Sedona Swim Team has had a long tradition of producing top competitive swimmers while also offering recreationally interested swimmers the opportunity to develop their swimming ability.  This tradition continues through the Vision and Values Leadership of our coaches, the dedication of our swimmers and the support of our parents.

Any conduct which is detrimental to the good reputation and integrity of the Sedona Swim Team may be cause for temporary suspension or expulsion from the Team.  Such conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Use of any illegal substance at any meet or any Sedona Swim Team practice or other function of the Sedona Swim Team.

  • Destruction of property at any meet or Sedona Swim Team practice or other functions of the Sedona Swim Team (the Team is not responsible for lost or stolen articles).

  • Violation of any local, state or federal laws at any meet, Sedona Swim Team practice or other function of the Sedona Swim Team.

  • Disrespect to, or abuse (verbal or physical) of any Sedona Swim Team staff member, Team member or Facility staff.

Examples of good conduct include: good sportsmanship, respectful communications, demonstrating positive team spirit, support and teamwork, volunteerism and encouraging your fellow teammates in the lanes and at swim meets.

Examples of misconduct include: stealing, messing with personal items in someone’s locker, hurting, hitting, harassing or sniping at teammates, spitting pool water in teammates' faces, tugging or tapping teammates underwater to irritate them, being mean in general or making mean comments to teammates, not being truthful, lying, using culturally sensitive slang or swearing, making inappropriate personal contact, using alcohol or tobacco or any drug, causing any distraction from the vision of swimming and the core values of the team.

Swordfish are Dedicated to

The Sport of Swimming * Participation * Fairness * Responsibility * Commitment * Discipline * Being Considerate * Self-Motivation

We are Achievement Driven * We Strive to Excel * We are Excellence-Seeking * And most of all ………..



Policies and Procedures to handle misconduct were adopted by the Sedona SwimTeam Board of Directors January 2011.  Please continue reading to understand how our team self-governs bad behavior by swimmers, parents or coaches.

Code of Conduct Policies and Procedures

Sedona Swim Team requires that every swimmer and parent on the team sign a Code of Conduct.  Swimmers, parents and Coaches are asked to interact with each other using the Team's core values with the intent of supporting the sport of swimming and our Team Vision:  

Dedication - Determination - Competitive Spirit

Every Sedona Swim Team swimmer, parent and Coach is dedicated to developing a comprehensive competitive swim program.  Swimmers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to rise to their highest possible competition and fitness levels while developing individual self-discipline, dedication, and motivation.  We emphasize fundamental swimming skills, character growth, healthy competition, and the enjoyment and benefits of swimming as a life-long activity.

Our Code of Conduct assures a safe and productive swim team environment because it:

  • Supports good sportsmanship

  • Supports a misconduct response plan with procedures for incident review

  • Outlines possible disciplinary action

The Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to, a list of both acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  To ensure its effectiveness, the following procedures allow members to understand when and how a conduct incident will be handled.

An incident can be defined or identified as an activity, comment or action that:

  • Impacts the public, other swim teams including their swimmers, Coaches, family, etc., property, and individual and public safety.

  • Impacts one or more Team members.

  • Impacts parents/guardians of Team members.

  • Impacts the coaching staff and/or causes the Team to lose focus of the season, practice or of swimming in general.

Conduct Incident Response

Response to an incident lies entirely within the Head Coach's authority. Coach response will be determined by the severity of the misconduct, the intent of the misconduct, whether or not the misconduct was purposefully concealed or a one time mistake, and whether or not the same swimmer has had repeated incidents of misconduct.

Coaches will request that a review of a reported incident be called for immediately following the practice or meet that the incident occurred at and that all involved swimmers attend (attendance is required, not optional).

  • An incident witnessed or overheard by a Coach lies within the Coach's authority to respond to and rectify as he or she sees fit. 

  • An incident that is not witnessed or overheard by a Coach will result in a review. A review requires that all swimmers involved and their parents/guardians meet to clarify what took place before the next scheduled practice.

  • In the case of parent misconduct, Coaches will notify the Team President and a conduct review date will be scheduled.

  • Any member of the Team that feels they have been mistreated will be requested to:  
  1. immediately inform the Coach on deck 
  2. meet with the Coach and involved teammates to review what happened
  • An  incident witnessed or overheard by Team parents, require those parents report the incident to the Coach on deck at the time of the misconduct and to be requested to be present when the incident is reviewed.

Misconduct May Result In

  • a warning

  • disciplinary activities (organizing gear bins, etc…)

  • suspension from Team activities

  • expulsion from the Team

Misconduct issues will be dealt with immediately to allow for accurate and timely resolution.   Once a misconduct incident is resolved, as per this policy and procedure outline, the incident and discussion of the incident must be concluded. 

Coaches will request all parties involved in any incident within the Team to allow the resolution to be final.  Continued discussion of past conflict will only result in a lack of focus on swimming.  

Policy Control Mechanism

All Team members are required to be aware of the Code of Conduct process and must submit a signed Code of Conduct at the beginning of each and every registration session.