Meet Entries

What you need to know about meet entries:

  • All team members must arrange their summer schedules to participate in the two ALL TEAM EVENTS: The Sedona Mile and the Verde Valley Championships. Please check the schedule before you register to make sure these dates will work with your summer vacation plans.
  • The coaches will establish the qualifying criteria for participation in each meet, and the meet schedule for each swimmer or training group.
  • Although input from swimmers and parents is welcome, the coaches will determine which events the swimmers will enter in competition.
  • Unless excused by the coach, it will be assumed that each swimmer will attend all of the scheduled meets. 
  • Meet Entries:  swimmers will NOT automatically be entered in Meets.  Parents  must submit meet entries by the entry deadline.  Late entries will not be accepted - no exception. Coaches will not track down swimmers individually to determine whether or not they will be attending a meet.  Meet entries are the swimmer/parents responsiblty to initially submit. 
  • Vacation dates must be turned into the coach in writing or email  the first week of the summer training session. (unless other arrangements have been made). This allows the coach to plan for relays and other events at meets.
  • Swimmers entered in a meet are required to stay for the entire meet.  Swimmer who leave a meet early will be dropped from the team for the remainder of the season. (unless excused with coach)
  • Swimmers who are entered in a meet and do not attend, will be responsible for meet fees and other associated costs.
  • Out of town meets: swimmers and their families plan and make arrangements for their own room and travel accommodations for out-of-town meets. In the event that a parent can not attend an out of town meet yet, want their swimmer to attend, they are responsible for coordinating ride and room share with other team families. In this case, parents must make sure they send their swimmer with adequate money for food, accommodations and travel expenses. 
  • Coaches can not provide transportation for swimmers to or from practice or meets unless the swimmer is family related. ie: son, daughter, or sibling.
  • State championship competition will be required for all swimmers who qualify to participate.