Dues Policy

In the Swimming World It's a Matter of Honor

Dues Policy

Dues are expected to be paid in honor of the team's commitment to providing a youth sport program with community access.

If your kids are swimming they are happy, healthy and involved in the right lifestyle choices. Please honor our team by paying your dues and meet fees in full and on time.

Registration and Paying of Dues

When registering your swimmer for a session you must set up Auto Pay on your Team Unified account using a current Credit Card or Checking Account Routing Information.  We will not allow members to mail in checks each month; however, if you want to pay by check, you must pay all session fees upfront.  Memberships will not be approved using the Mail in by Check method when selecting the 3 month installment plan -- you can only use a credit card or checking account routing information for that option. Memberships will only be approved after Auto Pay is set-up by the member. We are a team of volunteers that assist our Coaches in maintaining a successful swim program for the community.  Streamlining payments is essential to the functionality of our team.

Members who select to register for "pay in full mail -- payment by check" may experience a delay on account approval until the check has been received by the Treasurer's office and deposited.  Our team address is PO Box 3574, Sedona, AZ  86340   All checks must be made out to "Sedona Swim Team."

Membership Approval

Swimmers will not be allowed to enter the water for practice or enter meets until the membership for the current session is approved.

Membership accounts are approved when account balances are current and the following paperwork has been given to the Coach on deck OR a Board Member representative has communicated with the Coach that the swimmer has all paperwork/fees paid.

  • print out receipt of registration

  • print out proof of payment

  • verification of Auto Pay account set-up.  If three month installment option is selected, members must set up Auto Pay for the remaining two payments using either a credit card or checking account routing information in your Team Unified account.  Three month installment of options may not select "mail in payments" for any option.

             Your membership will not be approved until your Auto Pay account is set-up 

  • USA registration is current or completed form turned in (new member USA registration must include a birth certificate copy)

  • required paperwork and account standing is approved

  • membership approval can take up to 72 hours or 3 business days

Late Fees

Membership accounts not in good standing are billed a $10.00 late fee monthly and will result in your child being removed from the Coach's attendance list until the account balance is paid.

This means your child will be asked to leave the facility if your membership account is delinquent.

Past Due Accounts

Accounts are determined as delinquent the day after invoice due amounts are due.  The team runs a monthly report showing past due accounts and the coaches daily attendance sheet is updated that day. If swimmer/s membership is not in good standing the swimmer is not allowed to practice, submit entry to meets or compete until all fees are recorded and the account status is changed. 

Swimmer Ineligibility due to Account Status

Your account status change can take 3 to 5 business days.  If your swimmer becomes ineligible to submit a meet entry due to a delinquent account, the swimmer will not be able to attend the meet until the account is brought current before the meet date. Meet entries are required to be sent to meet hosts in a batch and fees paid as a team; therefore, individual late meet entries can not be accommodated.


Membership accounts that are 90 days past due will be turned over to collections.