How to verify email

How to verify your e-mail

All team communications are conducted via e-mail.  All members are required to verify your membership e-mail to insure that team communications to parents is available. This must be done before your membership is approved and your Swimmer is allowed in the water.  To verify your e-mail:

Sign in to your account

Go to “My Account” located on the left side of the screen

Go to “My Account” located on the left side of the screen in the table

            Look in the center of your account page for the red letters that say

ACCOUNT email and text messaging set up


            Look in the box below that and see

Log-in e-mail : check to make sure this is the e-mail you use and click in the blank box to the right select the box that says VERIFY and click on it.


A verification e-mail will be sent to you. Please read it when it arrives.

Note: your account will not be approved until you have received your e-mail verification and all paperwork and fees are paid. Your swimmer will not be allowed in the water until your account is set up properly.

Please be sure to read e-mails that come to you.  We do not send out fluff e-mails so you can anticipate that the communications that come to you are important.

However, we do post important information and some “fluff stuff” on our news tab. Please visit the news tab often.