Meet Progression

Each championship step is another level of achievement, and a brand new set of goals. Work hard to climb the steps of success in Arizona, the West, and the country! How big are your dreams?!

Olympics Held once every four years. Swimmers  represent their country instead of their club.

Olympic Trials is the selection meet for the  USA Swimming Olympic team, held every four years. The top USA Swimming Olympic team, held every four years. The top two finishers in each individual event go to the Olympics. Swimmers must qualify for the meet with a long-course time.

Senior Nationals is the fastest meet in the country, before  Olympic Trials. Nationals are the USA Swimming championships, and are swum in December and August.

SPEEDO Junior Nationals is the 18&Under national swimming championship, swum in December (yards) and August (meters). Futures Championships  is a meet between Sectionals and Junior Nationals swum in Long Course only

SPEEDO Sectionals has only one set of qualifying times for all ages, approximatley in the USA Swimming 17-18 year old 'AAA' to 'AAAA' range.  There are eleven Sectional meets across the country, and it is the first step towards national-level swimming. Sectionals is swum in yards in March and meters in July.

Senior States is the highest level championship in Arizona, open to all ages. It is swum in yards in March and meters in July. AZ Swimming updates the qualifying times each  year, to keep the meet competitive.

Age Group States (14&Under)  has qualifying times set by Arizona Swimming that range between USA Swimming 'BB' to 'AA' levels. States is raced in yards in March and meters in July. Team and individual scores are kept. AZ Swimming updates the qualifying times each year, to keep the meet competitive.

AZ Regional Championships are for swimmers who have achieved a USA Swimming 'B' time in an event but have not yet earned a State qualifying time. This is a team scored event, so everyone contributes. This meet is swum in yards in February and meters in July. 8&Under Champ's is a fun state championship where swimmers eight years old and younger can participate in any event in which they have a time.

Invitationals are swim meets for all levels that allow swimmers to race new events and mark their season progress. Swim at these  meets to earn times for championships. Some have time standards to enter and others are NTS (not time standard) and open to all.