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Meet Policy

Meet Policy

When entering your swimmer in a meet please take into consideration if you can attend the meet and all the sessions you have signed up for.

Attendance at a Meet 

A lot of meets teams are only allowed to enter a certain number of swimmers from the team. If your swimmer is entered in the meet and then does not attend they could have taken the spot of a swimmer that could have swim in the meet but was unable too due to number limitations. When numerous swimmers do not show up for a meet, the meet is unnecessarily longer due to empty lanes and extra heats. Therefore if you enter your swimmer in a meet and they do not show up for the meet, you will be charged $20.00 for not attending the meet, as well as the meet fees for the meet. You will also be billed the meet fees as the team is responsible for paying them to the host team even if your swimmer is a no-show.


If your swimmer is in a prelim/final meet and makes finals, they are expected to swim unless they scratch out of the final sessions. If your swimmer does not scratch and then is a no swim for finals, they are taking a spot of a swimmer who could have had another opportunity to swim their event. Therefore if you are in a meet final and do not scratch and do not show up for the meet, you will be charged $20.00 per event that is missed. If your swimmer is in a distance event that requires positive check in, and checks in and does not swim the event, it is considered a final and you will be charged $20.00 per event that is missed. 


You will be billed for any meet you signup for and it will run with your normal billing cycle.  Each swimmer will also have a $5.00 meet entry fee paid to VSC for each meet. Travel meets in AZ but outside the Phoenix-Metro Area will have a $10.00 meet entry fee paid to VSC. Meets outside AZ will have a $25.00 fee meet entry fee paid to VSC.