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Team Incentives


Coach's Pizza Party (Commitment Achievement) 

Swimmers from all groups who achieve 90% or higher attendance of the offered practices in a given month will be invited to attend the Coach's pizza party for that month. All groups will attend the pizza party together to work on team cohesion. Swimmers who meet the 90% attendance will be given a invitation to attend the party at the beginning of the next month. This is a very high standard to achieve. Swimmers who are more the 10 minutes late (or leave more then 10 minutes early) for practice will not have that practice count towards the pizza party that month. 

Caught Doing Good Cap (Character Achievement) 

Swimmers in all groups who are caught doing something above and beyond at practice have a chance to win a themed cap from their groups coach. The caps may or not be announced before practice. The caps will be holiday or seasonal themed and will be handed out at the coaches discretion. Swimmers should wear these caps with pride as they displayed exceptional character.