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Swimmer of the Month

Swimmer of the Month: September

Cami Lewis from Black II

When this season started Cami made some big goals on her goal card, and has been following through with them. She told her teammates on the first day after break "No lame excuses!" in her cheerful way to help her teammates hold each other accountable. She has also been giving 100% in practice and in dryland every day consistently. When Cami shows up to practice on her bike she always has a smile on her face, but also a determined look, and is ready to work hard. She looks forward to hard sets and intervals and has been pushing past barriers she could not have just a couple months ago! Cami is going to be a strong leader on VSC for years to come and we are so proud of the work she has put in this month! Way to go Cami keep it up! 

Swimmer of the Month: October 

Jack Gregory from Red II

Jack has been rocking practice this month! He has had awesome attendance and is becoming a great leader in his group! He has shown tremendous growth in his stroke technique. especially in butterfly and breaststroke. He is always on deck ready to go when practice starts and is a great listener and has been able to follow directions very well when it comes to complex drills and sets! Jack has impressed all the coaches at the meets and although he is not the loudest he is always a great teammate both at meets and practice! Jack has a bright swimming future in front of him!  

Swimmer of the Month: November

Jonathan Robichaud from Red II 

Jonathan has been doing a great job leading his lane in Red II this month! He has been listening to directions and working on his strokes and it is paying off! He has an awesome meet this past weekend as well as a great attitude! He has impressed all the coaches with his desire to get better at practice this past month! He was the only swimmer during a really hard set who made the 100 freestyle intervals! He has also been committed to doing his flip turns at every wall, something he did not used to do. We are so proud of his progress and we hope he keeps it up for the upcoming year! 


Swimmer of the Month: December

Natalie Hamlin from Black I

Natalie has been improving her stroke technique and attitude at practices this month! Coach Dan has noticed remarkable improvement in her butterfly especially. She has increased her intensity and practices and it is really showing! She has been striving to improve and with her hard work this month and she has maintained a positive attitude even when the sets are super hard! This shows a lot of personal growth and we are proud of you! Keep it up in the new year!  


Swimmer of the Month: January

Thomas Van Woerden from Learn to Swim

Thomas is so deserving of the Swimmer Of The Month Award. Not only does he attend nearly every workout, he also always shows up with a positive attitude, motivation and determination to always work hard and learn, and a smile on his face. Coach Hannah is beyond proud of all the work that he has put in to become a better swimmer! He has been such a pleasure to coach and I know his teammates also love having him as a part of the team! Keep up the good work, Thomas!