Family Participation Program


The success of YWSF is dependent on the participation of all parents. Our team hosts several meets each year as well as social events, all of which necessitate many hours of work.  To ensure our events are successful, we have established a Family Participation Program requiring parents and family members to take an active role in the operation of our swim club.  The Family Participation Program year is based on the calendar year and excess hours are not carried over to the following year. Hours are earned via jobs for helping with club operations, club support, and swim meet operations.

There are two ways to earn your Family Participation hours. The first is to sign up for jobs that are necessary to run a swim meet.  For swim meet operations, hours credited are for both home and away meets. Parents are expected to help with timing, officiating, and general swim meet operations at home meets.  At away meets parents will receive credit for timing and officiating. Job opportunities for home swim meets are advertised on the team website prior to the beginning of each meet. A description of these jobs is provided on the next page. Time credits for swim meet jobs vary according to the size and duration of the swim meet. When you log into the website and click on the event/meet you are interested in, the job opportunities will be listed for the meet as well as an estimated time for each position.  YWSF attempts to predict the duration of each swim session based on past experiences.  All final time calculations are compiled through sign in sheets at home meets or direct reporting of hours to the PAC Administrator for away meets based on actual hours worked.  Note:  Parents WILL NOT receive a time credit for events that require swimmers to provide their own timers.

Athletes not participating in a session and siblings can also earn family hours.  Siblings must be 9 and older and will be placed in age appropriate positions when available.  Parents may need to help at home meets in which their child is not competing in order to fulfill their obligation. We are a team and we all need to work together to provide opportunities for all the athletes.

The second way to earn Family Participation hours is to sign up for jobs contributing to club operations and support. The PAC (Parent Action Committee) members have job opportunities for committees such as fundraising, team event planning, and special activities. Look for emails from YWSF advertising these jobs.

*Volunteer hours are per year/per family. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email Kiera Suaverdez [email protected] directly.  As noted above, the success of YWSF is dependent on the participation of all parents.  We really need parents’ time and efforts.

Thank you for participating!

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