Join the Silver Fins


Congratulations!  By researching the YMCA Westside Silver Fins, you have taken the first step in becoming a part of one of premier swim programs in the country.  Ultimately, we want to make your initiation into the YWSF program as seamless and easy as possible.  Here is some information on our registration process and the steps you need to take to be a Westside Silver Fin.

 Prerequisite to join the Silver Fins Swim Team 

Swim assessments are done by appointment only. For every potential new swimmer to our team, we offer a free swim assessment. The assessment is there to determine whether your child is ready for our competitive swim team. 


Step One:  Set up a time to attend an assessment. These free swimming assessments are by appointment only.  Contact Thalia Tate at [email protected] .  At the assessment, a coach will place your child into the appropriate practice group or suggest private swim lessons to get your child ready for our competitive swim team. The coach doing the assessment will also answer any questions you might have about our overall program. 

Step Two:  Complete the YWSF Registration Packet that includes: YMCA Westside Silver Fins Athlete Registration, Financial Agreement, Medical Release and YMCA Waiver. Also included is information on the Financial Commitment and Family Participation Program. After you have read through this information and completed these documents please bring all completed paperwork to the YMCA front desk. At the front desk, please sign up for a YMCA membership. Once you or your child is a YMCA member, a YWSF Swim Team employee will contact you about your Silver Fins membership.

Please keep pages 11-14 for your own records. At the front desk you will hand in your completed Silver Fin paperwork and also sign up for one of the different YMCA memberships we offer. After that you will be added to the Silver Fin program and receive an email from our staff notifying you of your Silver Fin club status.

Step Three:  After completion of your paperwork you will be entered into the YMCA Westside Silver Fins membership database. We ask that you add the YMCA Westside Silver Fins email address to your contact list.  This will ensure important team emails are sent to your inbox and not sent to your spam mailbox.  For any billing questions, contact Darian Townsend at [email protected]

Step Four:  Our main team communication is through our team website and emails.  The website,, is updated regularly with general information such as schedule changes, meet information, and any other important information.  Weekly updates are sent via email.  The news section of our website allows you to read about YWSF swimmer accomplishments and more. You can also follow us through our social media platforms which can be found on our website.

Read through our “Parent Resources” section of the website.  Here you will find many answers to commonly asked questions.  Our Team website is a great resource for more information on practice group descriptions, practice times, meet schedules and other important information.  It may be helpful to download and print some or all of these materials for your future reference.  The website will also help you find time standards, team records, policies and many other useful items.

You will also be given a password to log into the website.  This will allow you to update your membership information, sign up to volunteer at home hosted meets and much more directly from the website. 

YWSF Swim Team New Member Packet

Silver Fins Groups


Ages:                     5 – 9 years old

Daily training:         45 minutes, 3x week

Daily yards:            500 -1500 yards



Ages:                     9 – 10 years old

Daily training:         90 minutes, 4x week

Daily yards:            1500 -3000 yards



Ages:                    11 – 15 years old

Daily training:         90 minutes, 5x week

Daily yards:            2000 - 3500 yard



Age:                      10 – 14 years old

Daily training:         90 minutes, 6x week

Daily yards:            2500 - 4000 yards


Pre Senior:

Ages:                     11 – 15 years old or a Sophomore in High School

Daily training:         120 minutes to 180 minutes, 6 to 8x week

Daily yards:            4000 - 6500 yards



Ages:                     15 or a Freshmen in High School – 18 years old

Daily training:         90 to 120 minutes 5x week

Daily yards:            3000 - 5000 yards


Senior Elite:              

Ages:                     14 – 18 years old (Minimum of a Freshmen in High School)

Daily training:         120-180 minutes, 9 - 10 x week

Daily yards:            3000 - 12000 yards