Financial Commitment

What is the cost involved with being a member of the team?

In order to be a member of the YMCA Westside Silver Fins, a family is required to pay by monthly bank draft.  This bank draft is deducted on the 5thof each month.  The monthly cost will vary according to the athlete’s practice group.  There are two different prices depending on whether or not the athlete is a member of the YMCA or a non-member of the YMCA. 

In addition to the monthly dues, there is an annual fee of seventy-two ($72) dollars that is collected from Arizona Swimming for the 2019 season.  This payment is due at registration and every September/October thereafter.  In addition, there is an annual YWSF fee of one hundred and twenty ($120) dollars, per family, which will be charged at registration and at the end of each year thereafter.  Once registered, this fee can be offset by participating in our Family Participation Program.  


The monthly pricing breakdown for the team is as follows:

YMCA Members / YMCA Non-members:


· Fins I:                    $80 / $105

· Fins II:                   $85 / $125

· Bronze:                  $90 / $135

· Silver:                    $95 / $145

· Gold:                      $100 / $150

· Pre Senior:             $105 / $160

· Senior:                   $95 / $145

· Senior Elite:           $115 / $175


All new athletes will pay the YWSF registration fee of $120 and the AZ Swimming fee of $72 at the time of registration. In addition, if an athlete joins the team prior to the 15thof the month, the family is responsible for paying the total monthly dues.  If an athlete joins the team after the 15thof each month, the family will be responsible for half of the monthly payment.  The draft will be done by credit card or debit card ONLY.  The family will then be on automatic draft from account of choice, drafted on the 5thof the following month. 

Families are responsible for the entire month’s dues regardless of practices that may have been canceled or missed. 

There is no price break for each additional family member who joins the team.  However, no family will be drafted more than $299 per month, this is the family cap. 



Is there a cost for competing in swim meets?

Yes, there is.  Each meet has its own charges, but in general, most meets have a  $6 AZ Swimming surcharge and then a fee per event swum, which can be anywhere from $3-$10. 

In addition, the YMCA charges a meet entry surcharge to help offset costs for coaches to attend swim meets.  The following is a breakdown of those charges:

  • Meets held within the Valley of the Sun:  $5.00/swimmer
  • Meets held outside of the Valley of the Sun, but within Arizona:  $9.00/swimmer
  • Travel meets outside of Arizona:  $25.00/swimmer

If you choose to go to a meet that involves travel (inside or outside of Arizona), please remember to factor in transportation, food, and lodging.  Most meets are optional and attendance can be decided between the swimmer, coach, and parents. 

Meet fees will be charged to the credit card provided for monthly dues within 10 business days after the specific meet unless other arrangements have been made.