Adult Swim


Adult Swim
Starts: 2015 (Sessions are ongoing so you can start at any time)
Location: St. John's College Pool
Days: Monday thru Thursday
Time: 6:45pm till 7:45pm
Adult Introduction to Swimming
This class is for students who are not comfortable in the water.  We begin by teaching proper body position and use simple, safe exercises to encourage placing the face in the water and learning to float.  Proper breathing technique is also taught in this class. Once a swimmer is deep water safe, can effectively breath while swimming and can complete a length of the pool they will advance to the fitness group.  
Getting Started with Adult Into
You can start at any time.  
Time: 6:45pm till 7:45pm
April to September: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
October to March (2016): Monday/Wednesday only
Cost: $85 (Paid monthly)
Registration: $35
Adult Fitness
Building on the skills learned in Adult Intro, the Fitness Class focuses on endurance and technique. Instructors will also cover the basics in swim training.  Whether you are trying to get fit or compete in competitions or triathlons we will tailor a program to fit your needs. 
Getting Started with Adult Fitness
You can start at any time.  
Time: 6:45pm to 7:45pm
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Any or all four days)
Registration Form
Please click HERE for a copy of the registration form and pricing sheet
I hope to see you at the pool.
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Coach Geoff