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Time Standards

At BAY, we compete in C/B/A+ Meets, Intersquad Meets, Dual Meets, Select level meets (based on time standards) and selected Invitationals. In the world of competitive swimming, swimmers are ranked based on their times for each stroke, distance and gender and age group. Sometimes looking at the breakdown of different time standards is looking at a foreign language! Here’s a breakdown of what all those letters and numbers mean to you and your swimmer.

C-Times: When a swimmer has no time (never competed in a USA Swimming sanctioned competition), or has not yet achieved a B time standard, they are classified in the C Division.  Their next goal is a "B" time.

B-Times: When a swimmer has achieved a B time standard, they are classified in the B Division for that event.  Their next goal is an "BB" time.

A-Times: When a swimmer has achieved an A time standard, they are classified in the A Division for that event.  Their next goal is an "AA" time.

The USA Swimming Motivational time standards can be found at the following link.

After A, B, and C time standards, there are AA (Junior Olympics) and Far Western time standards.

Junior Olympic Times: Time standards achieved by swimmers during regular competition in USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets that meet the Junior Olympic time standard will be invited to compete at the Junior Olympic swim meet held three times per year (December, March and July.)

Far Western Times: Swimmers who achieve Far Western times will be eligible to compete in the Far Western meets also held twice yearly (April and late July.)

Pacific Short Course Junior Olympic and Far Western time standards can be found at the following link: 

Following AA and Far Westerns time standards are PRT and WZQT.

PRT (Pacific Recognition Time): A motivational time set by Pacific Swimming

Western Zone Qualifying Time (WZQT): Time standards which are set by the Western Zone for the annual Western Zone Championships.  This is a selection meet and you are chosen based off of how many WZQT you have earned throughout the season.

After PRTs and WZQTs are Sectionals.   This meet is held by USA Swimming with different locations offering racing at different times of year.  The time standards can be found here: http://www.pacswim.org/page/times_standards.shtml

Throughout the Spring and Summer, we occasionally attend "Long Course" meets, meaning the pool is set to a 50 meter course instead of the 25 yard "Short Course" pool we are used to at practice.  To see more Long Course time standards, check out: http://www.pacswim.org/page/times_standards.shtml

The order of meets from beginner to advanced is: C, B. BB, A, AA/JO, AAA, AAAA, Far Western, Sectionals, Western Zone, Futures, Grand Prix, Jr. National, Sr. National, US Open, Olympic Trials, Olympic Games