Meet List


Below is a List of Potential Dates for meets.  I believe that these meets will be accurate but could change based on interest from swimmers and meet cancellations. This list is being provided so that families can plan their weekends accordingly. 

Pass meets are for those swimmers that do not have their 4:00 200 IM.  They are not sanctioned and provide a meet for swimmers to go and try out a meet.  There are no stroke and turn judges at these meets. They are fun!

LMR meets mean that swimmers are required to have their under 4:00 200 IM time and perform it legally according to the FINA rules. ie two hand touches on fly and breast stroke, etc. 

Tier meets have qualifying standards that rank swimmers in the top 50 in BC.  Tier 1 requires swimmers to meet the 200IM time standard as well as one other event.  Swimmers can then choose up to 8 events at the meet.  Tier 2 only requires swimmers to make one time standard but swimmers can only swim those events that they qualify in. 

The Hollyburn meets do not require the 4:00 200 IM. Also the Whistler meet does not have that standard.  These meets are open to anyone that would like to go that are capable of swimming the distance of the events. 

Hopes this helps to clarify the swimming Lingo.  Always feel free to ask me questions! This info is new to everyone at some point and can be very confusing. 

Meet List 2019/2020


October 26/27 VPSC invitational-UBC

November 2 Watermania Distance meet

November 23-Guildford-Tier 2 invitational-Longcourse -Surrey Meet 

November 30/December -Hollyburn Invitational-no qualifying time required

Dec 6-8th Can Am Para Swimming Open (Not meet for Chinook)-USA

December 13-15 Watermania-This is for under 4:00 200 IM swimmers 

Christmas Break Monday Dec 23- Friday Jan 3rd Inclusive-Regular programing stops during this time.  Camps have extra fees associated with them. 

Christmas Camp-December 30th - Jan 4th-book Pool Time for this. 

Jan 25/26- Surrey Invitational


Langley LMR Champs-Feb8/9 Long Course Walnut Grove

Rapids LMR Champs-Feb 8/9 SC Watermania-Think this is the one for chinook as divided into east and west

Langley Feb 15 Long course Invitational -confirmed 8-10 swimmers with LOSC-LMR qualifying meet. 

Swim BC Tier 1-Feb 21-23-CDSC

March 1 Pass Meet Hollyburn

Swim BC Provincial Championships March 5-8 2020-Island Swimmming

Spring Break Monday March 16-Friday March 27th Inclusive-Regular programing stops during this time.  Extra fees are associated with camps. 

Spring Break Camp March 23rd -28th-Book Pool Time

FYI only-Canadian Swimming Trials Toronto March 30-5th

Langley April 4-5 LC Walnut Grove LC-Confirmed

April 16-19 Westerns-Saskatoon 

April 25/26 Guildford-Longcourse

April 29 Pass Meet Hollyburn

May 15-18 Hyack Invitational-Confirmed provincial level meet

May 25-26 Whilstler Invitational

June 6-7 LMR champs Hyack (think host for Chinook) and also held in Langley (not our host)

June 12-14 Mel Zajac

June 20th Hyack invitational Coquitlam-under 4:00 qualifying time

June 26-28 Tier 1-Kamloops

July 9-12 Tier 2-Pacific Coast Swimming-Victoria 

July 10-12 Can Am Para Swimming Championships

July 25/26-possibly Surrey summer meet

July 22-27 Canadian Junior Championships-Montreal 

August 6-9thNationals Canadian Swimming Championships-Kingsmen Sports Center Edmonton Alberta