Meet List


Below is a List of Potential Dates for meets.  I believe that these meets will be accurate but could change based on interest from swimmers and meet cancellations. This list is being provided so that families can plan their weekends accordingly. 

Pass meets are for those swimmers that do not have their 4:00 200 IM.  They are not sanctioned and provide a meet for swimmers to go and try out a meet.  There are no stroke and turn judges at these meets. They are fun!

LMR meets mean that swimmers are required to have their under 4:00 200 IM time and perform it legally according to the FINA rules. ie two hand touches on fly and breast stroke, etc. 

Tier meets have qualifying standards that rank swimmers in the top 50 in BC.  Tier 1 requires swimmers to meet the 200IM time standard as well as one other event.  Swimmers can then choose up to 8 events at the meet.  Tier 2 only requires swimmers to make one time standard but swimmers can only swim those events that they qualify in. 

The Hollyburn meets do not require the 4:00 200 IM. Also the Whistler meet does not have that standard.  These meets are open to anyone that would like to go that are capable of swimming the distance of the events. 

Hopes this helps to clarify the swimming Lingo.  Always feel free to ask me questions! This info is new to everyone at some point and can be very confusing. 

Vancouver Pacific Swim Club October 27-28.(Also includes Pass meet on Saturday in between sessions)  Location: UBC. 

Hollyburn Invitational December 1-2 (No qualifying standard)

Spartan Santa LMR December 8-9th if there is interest.  More will qualify for this meet than the Richmond meet below. 

Fast Swim Richmond Rapids December 14-16th (Higher qualifying standards than LMR)-This is a maybe

Christmas Break is December 24-29th

We will be training in the pool January 2-5th (This is for Junior, Senior and Crosstrainers)-Camp(additional fees apply)

LMR Surrey Knights Swim Club Jan 26-27 Location: Surrey

Feb 16th LOSC MEET Saturday only-1-8:15 pm (Considering as option)

Tier 1 Feb 22-24 Canadian Dolphin Swim Club Location: Vancouver

Hollyburn Pass Meet March 3 Location: Hollyburn Country Club in West Vancouver

March 7-10 Tier 2 Location: Kamloops

Consider March 16-17 in Delta 

Spring Break March 18-31

April 6-7 LOSC Long course meet Location:Langley

April 13-14 windskill Dolphins LMR-Just adding as an option/not booked

Surrey Knights Swim Club LMR April 27-28 Location: Surrey

May 4-5 West coast open is a meet possiblity in Richmond but is not confirmed. 

Hollyburn Pass Meet May 5th

Whistler Seawolves Meet May 25th-26 (Last meet of the season for those not LMR qualified)

LMR Champs Langley Olympian Swim Club June 15-16 

June 21-23 Tier 1 Chilliwack

July 4-7 Tier 2 Victoria