Swim Groups

Swim Group Descriptions

BLCC’s practice group guidelines have been developed by its coaching staff to maximize the growth and development of swim techniques for swimmers of all levels. Swimmers of similar age and abilities will be grouped together to reach the goals set for each level. The assignment of swimmers to a group shall be the decision of the coaching staff. In rare instances, an assignment may be modified during the swim season, if the coaching staff believes a different group would be more appropriate for the swimmer.

Mini Dolphins

8 and under

This group is for the beginner learning the basics of competitive swimming.  Swimmers should be able to swim 25 yards freestyle. Focus is on stroke development in all four strokes, turns, skill work, and fun!

Blue Dolphins

12 and under

This group is for the intermediate swimmer who has passed out of the Mini Dolphins and is very familiar with all strokes, knows how to dive, and do a flip turn. This group will provide more competitive training and get more specific with stroke technique.  

White Dolphins

18 and Under

This group is for the more dedicated and skilled swimmer who wants to practice and compete at a higher level. These swimmers will be introduced to interval training and longer practice