How do I register?

 How do I register to join EPAP?

  1. I try to log in to register and I can’t.  Why not?
    The system suspends your account before registration.  Without trying to log in, click on the words START REGISTRATION and follow the prompts.
  2. When I try to register, the system is trying to collect money from last season.  How do I find out what this is for?
    Email us by hitting the CONTACT US button and Maribel will email you a response with what the amount is for.
  3. Why do I have to choose a location and group during registration?  How do I know what to pick?
    The system sorts swimmers by pool and by practice group.  If you are unsure about either, email us at CONTACT US and LeAnn will answer your questions.
  4. At the end of registration I get a message saying PENDING.  Why? I paid already.
    All registrations are pending until coaches review and approve them. You will not be able to log in or receive emails until your account is approved.  This should take no more than 24 hours after your registration.