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Swim Lessons

Thank you for your interest in the Costa Mesa Aquatics Club swim lessons program. We offer group lessons for children ages 5 and up. Private lessons for adults and older teens can be made available. Our class times are offered between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. (summer times may be earlier).

​The 2019 Session Schedules are in 4 week intervals but signups are anytime:

Session 1: March 18th to April 15th

Session 2: April 22nd to May 9th

Session 3: May 13th to June 6th

Session 4: June 10th to July 3rd

Session 5: July 8th to August 1st

Session 6: August 5th to August 29th

Session 7: September 3rd to September 26th

Session 8: September 30th to October 24th

Session 9: October 28th to November 21st

New Swimmers:

Please contact us to have your child evaluated to see what level is the best for your child. We will place him or her in a class that best fits them and your schedule. Any questions can be directed to Sean Satterwhite at

Returning Swimmers:

Ask your instructor what level your child is at to register them. Unless notified your class time will be the same.



Costa Mesa Aquatics Club swim lessons are designed to teach swimmers the four competitive strokes and prepare them to join our swim team. Our Instructors have competitive swim backgrounds and many years of experience teaching and coaching all levels of swimmers. 

Level 1: Introduction to the water and swimming. All swimmers with no previous swim lesson experience will start here. This is a 25-minute class. The basics taught in Level 1 are the most important and will be used by all swimmers throughout their swimming career:  Blowing bubbles, streamlining underwater, straight leg kicking, back floating, beginning freestyle and backstroke.

Level 2: Swimmers in this level are very comfortable in the water. In this 25-minute class swimmers will learn freestyle with side breathing and backstroke. They will be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly.

Level 3: In this 55-minute class swimmers will improve on all four strokes: freestyle; backstroke; breaststroke; and butterfly. They will be introduced to turns and diving.

Level 4: In this 55-minute class swimmers will improve on all four strokes and become proficient in freestyle and backstroke. They will progress with turns for all of the strokes and dive from the starting blocks.