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Champs/CMAC meet entries

Championship & CMAC Hosted Meets – team entry procedures

  • When your athlete qualifies for individual or relay events at the following meets, they will be pre-entered into events chosen by the coaching staff. It will be the member’s responsibility to communicate well in advance of the entry deadline of any scheduling conflicts
    • CMAC Blue/Red/White scy                             October
    • Winter Age Group Championships                 December
    • Red/White Championships                            January
    • Blue JO Max Championships                         February
    • CMAC Blue/Red lcm                                      February
    • Spring Junior Olympics                                  March
    • CMAC Red/White scy                                    June
    • June Age Group Championships                   June
    • JO Max Summer Championships                  July
    • Summer Junior Olympics                              July/Aug
  • If your swimmer is entered into the event, and cannot attend, and entries have been submitted, the following will occur:
    • You will still be charged for the meet (these events have no refunds per USA swimming)
    • If you are a member of a relay team, and an alternate swimmer is not available, and the relay can no longer compete, you will be responsible for the remaining balance of the relay, plus a $5 penalty ($25 total).



Championship Meets – Participation Expectations

  • In the listed meets, its is expected that ALL athletes participate in ALL events
  • Families should do their best to schedule family vacations/events around these meets
  • Again, it is the member’s responsibility to communicate well in advance of any conflict, and to do their best to be at all events listed
    • CMAC 1, CMAC 2, Age Group Development, Senior Development
      • CMAC meet                                             October
      • Red/White Champs                                 January
      • CMAC meet                                             June
      • JO Max summer Champs                        July
    • AG Performance, SR Performance
      • CMAC meet                                             October
      • Winter Age Group Champs                     December
      • Red/White or Blue Champs                    Jan & Feb
      • CMAC meet                                             June
      • June Age Group Champs                        June
      • JO Max Summer Champs                       July
        • These athletes may be called upon for spring/summer JOs for relays
    • AG Elite, Senior Elite
      • CMAC meet                                             October
      • Winter Age Group Champs                     December
      • Blue JO Max                                            February
      • Spring JOs                                              March
      • CMAC meet                                             June
      • June Age Group Champs                        June
      • JO Max Summer Champs                       July
      • Summer JOs                                            Aug
        • Senior swimmers/qualifiers also expected to attend any qualifying meets (Senior meets, Sectionals, Futures, etc.)