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Getting Started

Welcom to Desert Aquatics -  Where do I start?  How much does it cost?  Sign up  USA Swimming Billing Swim Meets

1. Tryout - The first step is to come swim with us.  The coaches need to see you swim and put you in with the correct group of swimmers.  The coach will recommend Gold, Silver, Bronze or Novice group.  Contact Us and we will set up a time convenient for everyone.  Usually around 6pm in the non-summer months.  Bring swimsuit, goggles and cap if you have one.

2. Groups - There are 4 groups available in the non-summer months.  In the summer we also have a learn-to-swim program:

Gold - These are the fastest kids on the team.  They know all their strokes and turns and have probably competed in many swim meets.  The dues are $100 per month for Gold.

Silver - These kids know all their strokes and tuns too.  They are working on their speed, stamina and technique to get them to the next level.  They also have most likely competed in many compettitions. Silver dues are $90 per month.

Bronze - Can do all the strokes but are still working out all the details.  Bronze dues are $80 per month.

Novice - Can swim across the pool and are learning all 4 strokes.  Novice dues are $70 per month.

3. Sign up! - At the top of the web site click Register-Join.  Then Continue at the bottom and fill in all of your account details.  This is setting up the account so it has to be done by a parent or guardian.  Automatic payment is required so put a credit card on file.  Don't forget to buy your USA Swimming membership here too.

4. USA Swimming Membership - We are a USA Swimming sanctioned team.  We get all of our guidance and insurance from USA Swimming.  During the sign up process you will purchase a USA Swimming mwmbership for each swimmer.  The cost for 2019 is $68 each.

5. Billing - Your dues for the first month will be prorated (reduced) and along with your USA Swimming membership will be charged to you credit card.  Regular monthly dues will be charged the first of each month thereafter.  Swim meet entry fees will be charged to your credit card about a week before the meet.  Once meet fees are charged they cannot be refunded.

6.  Swim Meets - We compete in swim meets about once a month.  On the Events tab you will see the upcoming meets.  Once you see the pink Edit Commitment link there you can sign up for the meet.  After you sign up to go the coaches will help decide which events to enter.