Upcoming Swim Meets






CLUB MEETS – Open to all Red/White Athletes

February 22-23                 RW @ STOP or AAA

March 21-22                      RW @ EAST  **Home meet (Entire Club Attends)

April 4-5                             RW @ STOP

May 2-3                              RW @ DA or GSC

Jun 6-7                                RW @ CMAC


QUALIFICATION MEETS – Open to any age group athlete that achieves the time standards

January 3-5                        Blue SCY @ GWSC

February 29-March 1         BR LCM @ SCAT or SET

February 7-9                     Blue JO Max @ AZOT

March 12-15                      Spring JO 14u Championships @ ROSE

April 17-19                         Blue LCM @ FAST

May 16-17 or 29-31           Blue LCM @ MVN or FAST or SET

June 11-14                         JAG @ TBD

July 11-12                           Blue LCM @ SET

July 16-19                           JO Max @ GSC or SET

July 23-26                           Summer JO LCM Championships @ TBD


SENIOR/INVITATIONAL MEETS – Open to any athletes that achieves the time standards

January 17-19                   Road to Omaha LCM @ GWSC

February 27-March 1      CA/NV Sectionals @ Carlsbad (OME Entry Only)

April 28-May 1                  High School Conference Championships @ TBD

May 4-9                              CIF SS Championships @ Riverside Community College

May 10                               SCS Post CIF @ RAA (All age groups who qualify invited)

May 22-24                         Speedo Grand Challenge @ NOVA

June 4-7                             Swim Meet of Champions @ MVN

July 9-12                             LA Invite @ Irvine

July 16-19                           CA/NV Sectionals @ Roseville, CA. (OME Entry Only)

July 30-August 2               Futures @ Irvine, CA.  (OME Only)

August 4-8                         US Open/JR Nationals @ Indianapolis, IN. (OME Entry Only)

OLYMPIC TRAILS @ Omaha, Neb.  June 21-27  GO FOR IT EAST!!


We ask that all the athletes swim at the highest level meets they qualify for during the year.  National level meets will be entered via US Swimming Online Meet Entry form (OME).

Our coaches encourage as many meets as possible depending on your availability.  We also encourage each swimmer to swim all the events in the program, and not repeat the same events, until all the events have the most updated times.  

Each athlete will select their events for each meet and await the approval of their coach prior to every meet. 

CONDITION – Mental, Moral, Physical Condition. “Our talents and abilities may get us on the top, but it takes character to stay there.”

SKILL – Be able to execute all the techniques you have been taught and place high values on learning everyday.  “When I am through learning, I am through.”

TEAM SPIRIT – The daily willingness and eagerness to sacrifice your personal interest for the welfare of your teammates.  “The true star of the team is the team itself.”