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Welcome to the 2019-2020 GMAC Swim School!

The GMAC Swim Academy is a competitive learn-to-swim program.  We offer lessons for ages 3-adult.  Our swimmers learn the 4 strokes with competitive swimming being the final goal.  We start our youngest swimmers learning how to streamline, kick, and blow bubbles like the “big kids”.   As swimmers move through our program, they build on the skills they learned previously.  Each level gets a bit more technical as they refine their strokes.

Our coaching staff is certified through organizations such as Swimming Canada, Swim Ontario, Lifesaving Society, and the Red Cross.  They attend several staff develop meetings throughout the season to keep their skills sharp and up to date.

For the immediate - Fall 2020

The plans that had been laid out have been dismantled and a new plan is currently being developed.  We are developing cohorts of swimmers with review of the Swimming Canada and Swim Ontario Return to Swimming requirements and facility guidelines and protocols to allow for the best interest and safety of swimmers.  The safety of our swimmers, families and our staff are a priority for the club and will continue to be as we maneuver our way throughout this season.  These decisions in no means will determine what future years will look like.  

The Lifesaving Society provides details how groups like ours, the city, UofG and the YMCA can run lessons.  You will see from the other groups they will be offering very limited private lessons and possibly some family lessons.  Swimmers will have to be swimmer level 5 and up to participate in private lessons and instructors will be on the deck.  

For the Marlins, for the immediate, we will only be able to offer programming for our Swim School level Jr Marlins 1, Jr Marlins 2, Marlins 1 and Marlins 2 groups.  These groups have a good foundation to accommodate instruction from a coach on the side of the deck.  And it is what we will have for now until things get back to normal.  Our groups of Lil Marlins, Mini Marlins and Novice still require direct physical correction from our instructors and we are unable to accommodate at this time.  For us to do a pool full of privates is not a financially viable option as we rent our pool time from the city, and as a not-for-profit running a deficit already this year, it's just not something we can do.  

Our intent is to offer a session and it will be a full class of mixed Jr Marlins 1, 2 and  Marlins 1 and 2 which will have multiple coaches on the side instructing.  We will be limiting the swimmers per lane and have the swimmers situated in such a way they will be physically distanced. We are looking at runing a sessions that runs October through end of March.  This keeps the children in the same cohort, same lanes, etc.  

At this time, we ask for the parents/guardians of Jr Marlins 1, Jr Marlins 2, Marlins 1 and Marlins 2, please fill out the Survey Monkey to express your interest in fall programming as this will determine the viability of the program.  Again, it will run Sunday late mornings or early afternoons.

We will have a  COVID Daily Health Check that will be required by all swimmers and coaches prior to coming to programs each day.  This will become a standard in most enviornments we participate in, and is a requirement of Swim Ontario as part of our club's affiliation obligations.  Those who do not complete will not be eligible to attend practices and this is for the safety of swimmers, coaches and everyone's extended family. 

Information of entering pools, mask wearing, protocol in the pool, and exiting pool will be communicated at a later date. 

Next steps will be to complete our plans, receive board approval and then present to yourself for registration.

We appreciate your patience as we complete the final plans for the upcoming season. 

Normally, here is how we look: 

We offer 3 full sessions through the September to June period. (Fall, Winter, Spring) We encourage to keep swimming in all 3 sessions as it is important to continue to build on building blocks to becoming a strong and confident swimmer.


egistration for the Winter session that begins the first week of January will open up online on December 10th at 7am.

Here's a breakdown of our groups within Swim Academy:

New this year!  L'il Marlins

This program is for swimmers who are comfortable entering shallow water on their own. They must be willing to put their faces in the water and be comfortable trying floats.  Parents do not accompany their children for this program. 


This program is for those swimmers that can swim 15 meters of the pool on their own (underwater, dog paddle etc.). Swimmers must be comfortable entering shallow water without assistance and putting their face in the water.


This program is for those swimmers who are able to independently swim 25 meters of the pool using both front crawl and backstroke. Swimmers will focus on proper breathing and proper stroke and kick technique for freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers will be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly kick.

Jr. Marlin 1

This program is for those swimmers that can swim 50 meters of freestyle and backstroke with proper rotation and kick 100 meters of flutter kick with a kickboard.

Jr. Marlin 2

This program is for those swimmers that can swim 75 meters of front crawl and back stroke, complete dolphin kicks and breaststroke kick for 15 meters, and kick 150 meters of flutter kick.

Marlin 1&2

Marlins 1 & 2 are for those swimmers that can swim 150-175 meters of freestyle with proper breathing and rotation.

Marlin 1 swimmers need to be able to swim 150 meters of front crawl and back stroke, streamline with dolphin kicks, shallow dive with streamlining, butterfly for 15 meters and breaststroke for 25 meters.

Marlin 2 swimmers must be able to swim 175 meters of front crawl and back stroke, streamline with dolphin kicks, shallow dive with streamlining, butterfly for 25 meters and breaststroke for 50 meters


2:1 ratio. You must register 2 children at the time of registration, it can be a sibling, friend, relative but they need to be at similar levels of swimming.


These lessons are a 1:1 ratio for those swimmers that are new to the sport. If you secure a Private spot and prefer a semi private (2 similar level swimmers) then you may email the office.

New to Swimming and don't know where you belong?  Contact us at  [email protected] and we will set up an evaluation with one of our coaches for free! Takes only 5-10 minutes.

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