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Competitive swimming is just another term for the sport of swimming.  Our programs focus on so much more that just competition. We learn solid technical skills, training methods and terms, dedication, hard work, and goal setting. We develop a large fitness base including flexibility, strength, speed, aerobic conditioning and balance. Swimmers reach high levels of achievement based on their determination, proficiency and longevity in the sport. Our athletes develop self esteem and confidence as their level of performance increases. Our coaches help the athletes on the path to their goals.

Competitive Programs

  • ‚ÄčBlue Marlins 
  • Jr & Sr Marlins House League
  • JD3 (Junior Development 3)
  • JD2 (Junior Development 2)
  • JD1 (Junior Development 1)
  • AGD (Age Group Development)
  • AG3 (Age Group Development 3)
  • AG2 (Age Group Development 2)
  • AG1 (Age Group Development 1)
  • Senior

New to Swimming or new to the club and don't know where you belong? Contact us at and we will set up an evaluation with one of our coaches for free! Takes only 5-10 minutes.