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Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club
Board of Directors
2021-2022 Season
September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022


Our Board of Directors

Katerina Jordan - President

My name is Katerina Jordan and my husband Sean and I have two children. Vincent is 15 years old and was a competitive swimmer with the Marlins for just over 5 years and my daughter is 12 and is a rep soccer player for Rockwood.   I am looking forward to continuing to serve all of you to the best of my ability.  Second year of third term. 

Diane Zadro- Director of Finance

I am the Financial Controller for Timberworx Custom Homes and am happy to assist in the community as the Director of Finance for GMAC and the Aberfoyle Fall Fair.  This is my fourth year on GMAC's board. First year of two year term. 


Scott Hall - Director of Sponsorship

 My name is Scott Hall and we have been with the Marlins for two years with my youngest daughter in Jr. Silver, before that my wife was a member many years ago leaving on a swimming scholarship to Ohio from the team.  This is my 2nd year on the GMAC board and my role is Sponsorship, trying to obtain as many partners and supporters as possible. First year of two-year term.

Erick Girouard - Director of Swim-A-Thon

We've been in Marlins for a few years now, but this is my 3rd on the board.   I'll do what I can to keep GMAC as a great club for everyone involved.  Since I'm mostly a techno-nerd and engineer, my focus on the board will be on equipment and related resources.  Second year of two year term.

Jim Gilmore - Vice-President

My name is Jim Gilmore, my wife Laura and I have three children, Alex (13) entering his 6th year of competitive swimming with GMAC and two girls, Erica (15) a provincial gymnast and Emma (7) still deciding what she wants to be when she grows up! This is my 3rd year on the Board and happy to contribute to keep GMAC the club where coaches and families work together to make every child achieve his best potential inside and out the pool.  Second year of two year term.
Tim Pasma - Secretary

My name is Tim Pasma and I am a new member of the GMAC board. I have swam with masters clubs in Ontario and Manitoba for over 20 years and have swam with GMAC Masters since 2011. I look forward to learning more about the Marlins in the position of secretary. First year of two year term.


Kevin Davidson - Director of Coaching

My name is Kevin Davidson and my wife Janice and I have three children.  Our two boys swim with the club – Ethan (14) is entering his 5th year of competitive swimming (his 2nd with the Marlins) and Matthew (11) is entering his 3rd year of competitive swimming (also his 2nd with the Marlins).  Our daughter Emilee (16) is a former competitive swimmer.  This is my second year of two year term. 

Chris Hill - Director of Strategy and Public Relations
Second year of two year term.



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