Board of Directors

The Chico AquaJets is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors supervise the head coach, ensure that adequate financial resources are generated and managed appropriately, ensure effective planning, recruit and orient new board members and assess performance, and ensure ethical and legal integrity and maintain accountability.  Terms span 3 years and board members may serve a maximum of 2 consecutive terms.  All CAJ dues-paying parents and masters swimmers are eligible for board service. 


2018 Board of Directors

  • Tom O'Connor, President 
  • Veronica Coates, Vice-President 
  • Jessica Bourne, Treasurer
  • Danielle Anderson, Secretary 
  • Todd Mino, Director
  • Kim Stelzriede, Director
  • Nikki Farris, Director
  • Ali Guzeldere, Director
  • Jim Parrott, Director


Committee Governance

In addition to board service, all swim parents and masters swimmers are encouraged to participate in team governance by volunteering time through any of the board committees listed below:


·         Finance Committee directed by Jessica Bourne / Tom O'Connor

·         Merchandise Committee directed by Kristina Smith

·         Meet Director - Vacant