What To Expect at a Swim Meet

 What to expect at a swim meet...

If this is your first meet, please inform the coach upon arrival to the meet. We want to make sure this is a fun and great first experience. We will make sure we set you up with a "Mentor" family so it is an easy transition and enjoyable by all!!!

During swim meets, swimmer’s results for each event are posted on the posting wall for the duration of each swim session. Results are also placed in a result book which is kept at the admin table throughout the entire meet.  After the meet, results are posted on-line at the Southern California Swimming website. (www.socalswim.org)

What to bring to a meet

  • 2-4 towels
  • Extra goggles
  • Drinks- water or energy drinks (coolers are allowed on pool decks)
  • Snacks – energy foods, fruits, veggies, sandwiches, etc.
  • Sunscreen
  • Chair
  • Team suit
  • Team swim cap
  • Parka or warm clothes in cold weather
  • Footwear (sheepskin lined boots, sandals, flip flops)
  • Some swimmers like to bring sleeping bags or blankets
  • EZ Up (Often times we have parent volunteers that are willing to set up team EZ UP’s)
  • Games, books, cards, etc.
  • Camera

At most meets, the hosting team will run a snack bar with reasonable prices.  Hosting teams typically invite swim gear vendors.  This is a great time to purchase goggles, work out suits and caps, and any other gear your swimmer may need.  Vendors at meets often offer discounted prices on suits and swim gear.

What to expect at a meet:

  • Arrive on time for warm up:  Meet warm up and start times are stated on the meet form.  Coaches will also instruct swimmers as to the time they should arrive at the meet for warm up.  For most morning sessions Murrieta Mako’s starts warm ups at 7:00 am.  Afternoon session warm-ups (typically for the older swimmers) start after the morning session is completed.  This varies with each meet.  Coaches should have a tentative time line and will let afternoon swimmers know when to arrive for warm ups.

Note:  Murrieta Mako’s families are encouraged to sit together at the swim meets.  This is a great way to get to know the Murrieta Mako’s families and swimmers.  It also builds great camaraderie. Swimmers enjoy cheering for each other.


  • Check in:  Typically signs are posted directing swimmers where to check in.  At the check in table, the swimmer confirms the events they are entered to swim.  Often swimmers will write their event numbers on their hand with a sharpie marker to help keep track of their events for the day.
  • Report to the Murrieta Mako’s coach:  Our coaches are often rotated at meets.  If your coach is not present, report to the Murrieta Mako’s coach attending the meet. 
  • Warm-up with your Murrieta Mako’s teammates:  Coaches will get the swimmers warmed up before the start of the meet.
  • Posting of Events:  Swimmers need to watch for the posting of their events so they know what lane and heat they are swimming.  The races are normally posted on a wall or fence on the pool deck.  They are separated into girls and boy’s postings and by age group.  Swimmers are responsible for knowing what heat and lane they are swimming.  Swimmers need to report their lane and heat assignment to the coach.  The coach will give them a final pep talk.
  • It is the swimmer’s responsibility to be behind the blocks in time for their race.  If a swimmer accidentally misses an event, the swimmer needs to report to the admin table.  According to the USA Swimming Rules Book, the swimmer may be penalized and not allowed to swim their next event.
  • After the Race:  The swimmer reports back to the coach.  The coach will analyze the race and then sends the swimmer to warm down.  It is important to warm down after each event!
  • Parent Lane Timers:  For parents attending meets, each participating team is required to provide lane timers.  Please remember to sign up for a time slot!  Timing is EASY!