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"How to" of Swim Meets



What To Take to the Meets

    •    Swimsuit, team cap and goggles (if used)

    •    Baby or talcum powder, to dust the inside of the swim cap (this helps preserve the cap and makes it easier to put on)

    •    At least two towels per swimmer

    •    Something to sit on, e.g. chair, sleeping bag, blanket

    •    Sweatsuit

    •    Hat, sunscreen, umbrella or other shade structure

    •    Games - anything to pass the time between events

    •    Food such as granola bars, Fun Fruit, yogurt, cereal, jello cubes, sandwiches, fruit, drinks such as Hi-C, fruit juice, Gatorade

    •    Sharpie for labeling your belongings and for writing event numbers on swimmer’s hand as a reminder

    •    Label EVERYTHING. (Imagine how many swimmers have identical team logo items!)


Before the Meet Starts

    •    Arrive at the pool before the close of check-in time.

    •    Upon arrival, find a place to put your swim gear.

    •    Swimmers and volunteers, find the check-in location and check-in.

    •    Once “checked-in”, the swimmer should write each event number on his hand in ink (this helps the swimmer remember what events to listen for).

    •    Report for warm-up instructions with cap/goggles. It is very important to warm-up with the team. 

    •    After warm-up, settle in and wait for your events to be called. This is a good time for a drink or trip to the bathroom.


During the Meet

    •    The meet will usually start about 10-15 minutes after warm-ups are over.

    •    Event numbers are called, usually over the loudspeaker. Swimmers should report to the “Clerk of the Course” with caps and goggles.

    •    The swimmer swims the race. After each race the coach will provide positive comments and/or suggestions for improvement. Between events, relax in the shade. This is also a good time to check out the bathrooms, get a drink or something light to eat. 

    •    When swimmers have completed all events, they may leave. Make sure, however, that they have not been assigned to a relay before you go. Also, clean up any trash you may have left in your area.

    •    Volunteers, turn in any equipment you used: stopwatches, clipboards, etc.