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We encourage swimmers to attend as many meets as possible.  Participation in at least three league dual meets is required in order to participate in the Championship meet at the end of the season.


Attendance at time trials does not count as one of these three meets. However, attendance at time trials is essential for your swimmer to be able to earn improved time points at subsequent dual meets. Improved time points account for HALF of each dual meet score. Please keep in mind that you are required to work at least four meets, whether your swimmer participates in that many or not.

Swimmers must sign up for meets by Monday preceding a meet (earlier if you know ahead of time). Sign up is now handled on line. When you sign up, also let the coaches know if you have a conflict that requires you to arrive at the meet late or leave early. Because coaches must submit entries for the meet several days in advance of the meet (and are only allowed minimal changes on meet day), it is imperative that you inform the coaches in writing by Monday of a given week whether your child will be at that meet or if he/she has a conflict that necessitates arriving late or leaving the meet early.

Meets are held on Saturday mornings EARLY! Check-in time generally starts at about 7:00 am and closes at 7:30 am.  Swimmers MUST check in before closing time. Once check-in is closed, the meet is seeded and the heat sheets are printed and posted. Swimmers who are not checked in are scratched and will not be allowed to swim at that meet. (See the newsletter each week for the EXACT check in and warm up times for the upcoming meet).

Competition starts anywhere from 8 am to 8:30 am, depending on the pool and their homeowners regulations. Typically, the meets (except Champs) end around 1 pm.

All dual meets follow the same format: medley relays, butterfly, backstroke, I.M. (individual medley swimmers ages 9 and older only), breaststroke, freestyle, free relays. A swimmer will typically swim three individual events and possibly one relay event. The coaches decide which events each swimmer will swim prior to each meet.

Following check-in, swimmers warm up for a short period before the meet starts. Throughout the meet, swimmers need to pay attention to announcements and report to the clerk of the course as soon as they hear their event called. If they are not on the blocks when it is their turn to swim, they miss their event!

Usually there will be a snack bar at a meet, but it is a good idea to bring a cooler with snacks and drinks. Some of the pools do not have much seating or shade, so many of our families bring lawn chairs, and hats, umbrellas, or a small tent. Sunscreen is, of course, a must. Be sure to label goggles, towels, clothing etc., because you will find your swimmer's belongings scattered all over at the end of the meet.