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Volunteer FAQ

 What is the volunteer requirement for Swim Meets?

Every family is required to work a shift their swimmer attends.  You don’t have to work two shifts unless you want to. There will be meets where we don’t have enough families to fill the required jobs and may request families to work a double shift.

If you have special circumstances, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  There is a lot we can do to accommodate you. You can be assured that your situation will be kept in confidence.

Where do you sign up?

The volunteer jobs are managed through this website. An email will be sent out on the Monday before the meet with a link to the job signup page.

How does Champs volunteer assignments work?

Champs is a giant meet and requires everyone to work.  The team receives a list of our volunteer requirements from the Champs Volunteer Coordinator. Our teams volunteer coordinator will then work to fill our team’s assignments. This is the one meet where you will be assigned a specific volunteer position.

Any questions?

Please email Maya Sneller at [email protected]