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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Head Timer: (At Home Meets) This positions is the back-up timer. The Head Timer will normally have two stopwatches and starts both at the beginning of each race. If any lane timer has difficulty with their stopwatch, the head timer is called over and one of these extra watches is used to record the swimmer’s time.

Timer: (At Home and Away Meets) Each lane has three timers to record the swimmer’s race time. (at Home Meets Monty is responsible for 2 Timers per lane (except Time Trials, only our team attends and we need to fill all 3 timer positions); at Away Meets Monty is responsible for 1 Timer per lane. Each timer has a stopwatch. When the starter begins a race, the timer starts the stopwatch (at the flash of the light, or beep). As the swimmer touches the wall the timer stops the watch, and then reads the time displayed on the watch to the recorder.

Recorder: (At Away Meets and Time Trials) Each lane has one recorder, who writes down all three times for each event. Receive lane sheet from Runner. Receive DQ slip from judges. Check if judge wrote event number, heat, and lane on DQ slip. Give completed lane sheets and DQ slips to Runner. Place palm of hand against wall for swimmers 6 & under and 7/8 swimmers at end of backstroke to protect their head.

Runner: (At Home and Away Meets) Report to computer scorer 15 minutes before start of meet. The runner takes new printed sheets from computer table, and delivers them lane by lane to the recorders, and also to coaches, starter & clerk of course.  Then gathers completed sheets from recorders, and returns these to the computer staff. The runner also posts race results. No running involved – only walking!

Clerk of the Course: (At Home and Away Meets) Clerk of the Course is where all swimmers go to line up in their heat and lane assignments.  It requires no training other than using your outside voice. Using heat sheets, put swimmers in correct event, heat and lane order before sending off to blocks. Update clerk board showing which events should report to clerk. (clerk board only available at some venues)

Event Board: (At Home Meets) Place event number and heat being swum on easel board by starter.

Concessions: (At Home Meets) Each shift has three volunteers who sell the food. Food and money will be handled. Shift 1 starts 20 minutes before the first race; Shift 2 must help clean up the area before they leave (approximately 15 minutes). This position can be a permanent position; if you want to commit to a shift, talk to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Concessions Set Up: (At Home Meets) Arrive 15 minutes before check-in. Help bring in food for concession, set up concessions area and sell breakfast items until 15 minutes before meet begins.  

Hospitality: (At Home Meets) The hospitality volunteer brings water and cups of fruit to the coaches, judges, and volunteers.

Ribbons: (At Home and Away Meets) Sit at table attaching data labels (generated by computer staff) to appropriate placement ribbons (1st, 2nd etc.). Place ribbons in swimmer’s folder.

Set up & Cleanup: (At Home Meets) This is a standing crew of 4 or 5 people that will set up the morning of the Home Meet or sometimes the Friday night before a Home Meet – folding tables,  chairs, easy ups, extension cords, PA, speakers, heat board. After meet put everything away, empty trash, and make sure everything is put away.

Computer Scorer: (At Home and Away Meets) This position helps out our trained volunteers that run the computers for the meet.

Starter/Announcer: (At Home Meets) The person who runs starter system at Home Meets. Instructs swimmers to get on blocks and take mark. Watch swimmers for false starts. After race, ask swimmers to exit pool for next race. Controls the pace of meet. Announces which events should report to clerk.

Stroke and Turn Judge: (At Home and Away Meets) Judges watch swimmers during meets to determine if they will receive a DQ slip for stroke infractions. They must attend clinic for training and watch instructional video. There are 2 judges from each team on deck at meets. New judges shadow more experience judges for at least one meet.

Alternate: (At Home and Away Meets) This person signs up for one shift to be a fill-in for any spot that may have had someone no show for the meet or that was not filled before the meet.

Deck Marshal: The marshal keeps pathways clear, ensures equipment is not tampered with, and keeps people out of the kiddie pool. This job is only needed at certain pools.

Restroom Maintenance/Trash Patrol: This job requires that you periodically check the restroom (either men’s or women’s) to be sure it is clean and stocked with supplies. This job also requires that you periodically empty out trash cans from the snack bar and pool areas. Must check at the beginning of your shift, as each race category ends, and at the end of your shift. 2nd shift is responsible for making sure all the trash is out at the end of their shift. This job is only needed at certain pools.